What’s Growing On?

Sorry for the lull in updates. We’ve taken a little break, but the Pro-Grow 260 has been hard at work.

A few weeks back we germinated the remaining two Northern Light Autoflower seeds from Nirvana. They are doing well and almost ready to be repotted. Soon they’ll be ready for prime-time! (i.e. Pics coming soon!)

On Friday, we received our Aurora Indica seeds, and with little hesitation, two were planted. By early Monday morning, less than 48 hours from setting them in coco pellets, Aurora Indicas are go!

Two of our earlier seedlings (Bebe and Heidi Ho – Mystery seeds) have been struggling. Not sure WTF, as the White Widow that was sprouted & planted along with them is doing GREAT! The only difference being the WW is at 12/12 under a new light.

Hoping to keep her genetics, I took 2 cuttings off Bebe. Heidi Ho, sadly I believe is a male. It a shame as it looks pure Indica (think old school high mountain Kush strains). I’m tempted to bloom it so I can x pollenate it with a Blackberry…

The 411

Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica »

Aurora Indica
Nirvana Aurora Indica is an F1 hybrid of Afghan and Northern Light. Its plants stay short, producing heavy colas and dense buds. This marijuana strain produces exceptional amounts of resin, resulting in a deep, near-black hash with a tasty aroma and a heavy buzz. This probably is Nirvana’s most potent Indica seeds strain.

Indica / Sativa: Predominantly Indica
Plant type: Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant height: Short
Effect: Effect:Stoned (body buzz, relaxing effect)
Flavour: fruity / herbal
Average yield: 400 – 500 (g/m² in SOG)
Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
White strain: No
Medical: Yes
Feminized: Yes


Northern Light Autoflower

Northern Light Autoflower
Northern Light is a marijuana strain which is highly suited to indoor growing. Of course, this auto-flowering version is also perfect for outdoors. Nearly all promising modern indoor cannabis strains contain Northern Light genes. With its high flower-to-leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production, these wonderful marijuana seeds are a most lucrative choice for the professional cannabis grower. The smoke’s flavour is somewhat neutral, yet full-bodied.

Indica / Sativa: Hybrid
Plant type: Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant height: Short
Effect: High (head trip) yet stoned (body buzz)
Flavour: fruity / smooth
Average yield: 200 – 300 (g/m² in SOG)
Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
White strain: No
Medical: No
Feminized: Yes


Marijuana bud nears maturity

Blackberry from Nirvana

Blackberry’s mother, Black Domino, was a marijuana clone sent to the Netherlands from the area around Seattle. Its father is Nirvana’s very own Raspberry Cough. Domino’s tight leaf structure has been preserved well in this marijuana hybrid. Nirvana Blackberry smoke is thick and heavy with subtle hints of Asian Sativa flavours. Yields are very good for a strain that already displays so many desirable traits.

EFFECT: High (head trip) yet stoned (body buzz)
FLAVOUR: pungent / fruity
AVERAGE YIELD: 400 – 500 (g/m² in SOG)
FLOWERING PERIOD: 9 – 11 weeks