Like Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt, the relatively novel strain (originally hailing from NorCal) Platinum Kush is an instant classic. While I’ve never met a Kush I don’t like, my first foray with Platinum Kush was more like love at first sight.

The Must Try legend.

Eerily similar to Pre-98 Bubba, Platinum Kush is veeery rich in trichomes. And that’s probably because its genetics like many Bubba-ish Kushes have some Pre-98 within. Based on some research, Platinum Kush is a cross between Master Kush and an Afghani.

Either way, it’s certainly a heavy Indica that’s outer shell is on the white side. If you look closely enough (or crack it open), there’s a good chance you’ll find more than a little purple within (especially if it’s crossed with Purple Kush, a frequent practice). It’s one of the prettier Kushes around town.

Platinum Kush Bud, dried & cured.

Platinum Kush Bud, dried & cured.


I fetched a batch of a purplish Platinum Kush from Rite Greens in Santa Ana yesterday, and it didn’t disappoint. It was indeed on the heavier side. Since its got some purple in it, the smell is a mixture of grape and Kushiness. As always, if your Platinum Kush doesn’t meet this description (and look like these sexy pictures of nugporn), be wary. Cause only the finest Kushes can truly go Platinum.