Market Analysis:

The king is dead. Long live the king. Well, okay, Kush isn’t exactly dead – the venerable strain did finish December in the number-two spot. And, yes, Diesel may not have a long reign as the new King of Strains; nonetheless, it managed to edge out Kush as the month’s most submitted strain. This marks only the second time in 2011 that Kush failed to take the top pot spot; before this, it was the most submitted strain for every month this year aside from January, when Diesel also finished first. Additionally, White Widow joined the top five this month for the first time since March 2011. The top five strains (with average price) were Diesel ($331), Kush ($375), Purps ($326), Haze ($325) and White Widow ($375).

Index Watch: Once again, all indices finished below their year-to-date and previous month’s average with the exception of the Schwag Index. In fact, at an average of $328 an ounce, the US Price Index finished with a low for the year, while the Kind Index ended at its second-lowest mark of 2011. Schwag, meanwhile, rebounded $15 in December and finished the month close to its year-to-date average. 


CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1-$149 PER OZ): $103 ($88, $102)     




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Woodland – Purple Diesel: $180, Jack Herer: $180



Denver – White Widow: $228

PuebloBubba Kush: $375, Sour Diesel: $375, Chem Dog: $350



NewarkSour Diesel: $420, Cinderella 99: $400



Honolulu – Super Lemon Haze: $400

KauaiBubblegum: $300

Maui – Apollo 13: $350



KelloggWhite Widow: $300           



Charles County – Black Domino: $350, G-13 Haze: $350

Laurel – Sour Diesel: $375



Bedford – Champagne Kush: $350, Purple Star: $350



Detroit – Granddaddy Urkel: $450, Sour Diesel: $450, Sour OG Kush: $450



St. CloudAfghooey: $350, Grapefruit: $325



JacksonSour Diesel: $350



Missoula – LA Woman: $225           


NEW YORK                                

New YorkStrawberry Cough: $500

Seneca Falls – Blue Dream: $480           


NORTH CAROLINA                       

AshevilleSuper Lemon Haze: $300



Canton – OG Kush: $300, Bubblegum: $270



Dingmans Ferry – Jack Herer: $350

Philadelphia – Pineapple Express: $400           



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Mansfield – OG Kush: $400



Ogden – Sour Diesel: $250, Sour Grape Haze: $250





OttawaBlue Domina: C$190, Critical Mass: C$230, Super Skunk: C$240, Jack Herer: C$180

Welland – Durban Poison: C$200, Blueberry: C$180


COSTA RICA                                   

San Jose – Blue Dream: $350

LA Woman ­– $225

“Sweet-smelling and beautiful-looking buds with shades of dark green, pink and purple. A very pleasant, happy high that can be somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Great to smoke any time of day.”

Blue Dream ­– $480

“When the term ‘couchlock’ was invented, this is the weed that did it!”

“Chocolope is being circulated throughout the greater Orlando metro area. There are six particular phenotypes that are all very similar in appearance, smell and taste, and fit the description by DNA Genetics quite closely. The highs are very clear and energetic and intensely cerebral. The initial effects will induce some anxiety with increased heart rate, followed by a very balanced effect for hours. Some varieties have a noticeable cantaloupe smell. A true connoisseur’s grade of the highest quality.”

Like a Gunshot blast!