Market Analysis:

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Diesel’s reign as the King of Strains lasted only a single month. Kush regained the top pot spot after being dethroned in December – one of only two months last year in which it failed to rank as the most submitted strain – and Diesel fell back to its customary runner’s-up position. White Widow failed to make the cut in January after reaching the top five in December for the first time in nine months; Jack Herer took its place, making its first top five appearance since June 2010. The top five strains (with average price) were Kush ($321), Diesel ($350), Purps ($365), Jack Herer ($317) and Haze ($295).

Index Watch: After hitting a year-low average of $328 in December, the US Price Index kicked off the new year by dropping an additional $12. The Mids Index also fell (by $6), while the Kind Index finished slightly above its previous month’s average. However, both indices finished January below their 2011 averages.


CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $316 (last month: $328; year to date: $316)

CURRENT MIDS INDEX ($150­–$349 PER OZ): $258 ($264, $258)

CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1–$149 PER OZ): $122 ($103, $122) 


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Phoenix – Hindu Kush: $300, Chem Dog: $350, Green Crack: $325           



Paron – OG Kush: $300           



Lemoore – Master Kush: $220



Colorado Springs – White Russian: $240, Super Lemon Haze: $240, Strawberry Cough: $320



PensacolaDurban Poison: $375           



Athens – Blue Dream: $400, Green Crack: $400           



Bloomington – Northern Lights: $325

Terre HauteKushberry: $350           



Ann Arbor – Purps: $450

Detroit – Sour Diesel: $450, Granddaddy Urkel: $450, OG Kush: $300



Missoula – Big Buddha Cheese: $200, Northern Lights: $150           


NORTH CAROLINA                       

Conover – Jack Herer: $350

StatesvilleSuper Lemon Haze: $350, Crimea Blue: $350



MansfieldBlue Dream: $430, Bubba Kush: $400


RHODE ISLAND                       

Providence – Chocolate Chunk: $350, Strawberry Diesel: $380



Cookeville – Blue Dream: $350, Maui Wowee: $350



HoustonJack Herer: $280, Snowcap: $300

WEST VIRGINIA                       

Morgantown – Sour Diesel: $370      




“In Rochester, reggies and mids have basically fallen by the wayside with the sudden influx of people who have med cards and think they’ll grow the best strain. Not talking anyone down, but because of the general level of inexperience, I’ve stuck with one caregiver. He’s bringing Bubblegum and Master Kush to the table; both are very potent and help a lot.”

“Great bud is popping up all over NC. Whoever is growing this locally should be elected to Congress!”

“Smells like cough medicine, has a fruity taste, and leaves you in a deep stone.”

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

“Master Kush has nice, dense buds covered in sticky trichs. Sweet tasting from the first hit to the last. Perfect combo between head and body, and it seems to last forever… ”