Market Analysis:
Kush took top pot honors in February, easily beating out Haze and Diesel as the month’s most submitted strain. Kush has been the market’s most submitted strain for 12 of the last 14 months. Jack Herer failed to make the cut in February after reaching the top five in January for the first time in 19 months. Blue Dream took its place, making its first top five appearance since September 2011. The top five strains (with average price) were Kush ($345), Haze ($301), Diesel ($346), Purps ($393) and Blue Dream ($300).

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!


Index Watch: The US Price and Kind indices essentially held steady, as each one finished February within a dollar of its previous month’s average. Meanwhile, Mids saw a substantial increase in submissions, and the index jumped $31 to an average price of $298 (a four-month high). Schwag dropped $17 this month, finishing close to its 2011 average price of $102.


CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1–$149 PER OZ): $105 ($122, $114)     


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Los Angeles – Obama OG: $350, Sonoma Coma: $325, Granddaddy Purple: $325, Super Lemon Haze:  $275, Bubba Kush: $300

San Diego – Blue Dream: $300, Strawberry Kush: $400



Daytona BeachCheese Quake: $300, Bubba Kush: $350

Palm Beach – NYC Diesel: $350



Honolulu – Death Star: $450

MauiBanana Kush: $300



Lebanon – Pineapple Chunk: $300, Super Silver Haze: $300



Detroit – Sour OG Kush: $450, Sour Diesel: $450, Granddaddy Urkel: $450



Las Vegas – Strawberry Cough: $275


NEW JERSEY                                   

Hoboken – Super Silver Haze: $400


NEW MEXICO                       

AlbuquerquePurps: $480


NEW YORK                                   

Hudson – Big Buddha Cheese: $330, Kandy Kush: $380


NORTH CAROLINA                       

Salisbury – Cataract Kush: $400

Smithfield – Kush: $300



Cottage GroveJack Herer: $260, Chocolope: $320, Super Lemon Haze: $280

McMinnvilleBlue Cheese: $200



Killeen – Blue Widow: $240, Lemon Haze: $280



Harrisonburg – Jack Herer: $400, Bubba Kush: $410, Matanuska Thunderfuck: $355

Virginia Beach – Blue Dream: $350



SeattleSilver Haze: $275, Northern Lights: $260, White Widow: $290


“Super-funky stank nuggets. Well-cured, slightly fluffy and stony as hell! Well done!”

“Amazing spicy flavors with a wonderful stone that leaves a smile on your face.”

Like a Gunshot blast!

“Incredibly sticky, heavily trichromed, orange-hair-bearing, forest-green nuggets!”

“This is the original Sour D – it’s the best it’s ever gonna get, hands down. Even aliens can’t come up with something better!”