Patricia Smith

In November of 2009, New Hampshire law enforcement officials invaded this woman’s peaceful home and, after a questionable search based on an anonymous tip, found some pot plants growing in a closet. They charged this 57 year old nurse and mother with no prior record with “manufacturing marijuana” and she was convicted in August of 2010.

The Must Try legend.

After losing her appeal in September of 2011, Nurse Patricia Smith is now serving a 2-4 year sentence for growing medicinal cannabis for herself and her daughter as an alternative to pharmeceutical drugs.

This RN took care of people for over 30 years as a hospice nurse among other nursing duties and now she is languishing away in a New Hampshire State Prison. On top of that, she has paid over $35,000 in fines that have crippled her financially. If you are as outraged as we are at this injustice, please consider writing her a letter of support (address below).


With no internet access, handwritten snail-mail is one of the only ways to communicate with the outside world.

Here’s what she wrote to me in one of several letters we’ve exchanged: “Being here is quite a shock and adjustment. There’s no space that’s really your own. No quiet and obviously no freedom. I just hope the time will pass. This is so hard on my loved ones and that bothers me the most. My mom is in very poor health and very upset and worried about me.”

Please write letters of support and solidarity to:
Patricia Smith
Inmate #90724
317 Mast Rd.
Goffstown, NH 03045