Gratuitous bud shots today from under the Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D grow light…

A wonderful sight to behold.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Aurora Indica #1– Week 8 bloom, 17 weeks from seed.

Nirvana Seed's Aurora Indica budding under LED grow lights

Nearing the end of week 8 bloom, AI #1's buds are something to see up close!

Blue Mystic “D”
– Week 6 bloom (regenerated mother plant at second bloom).

A trichome covered cola of a Blue Mystic marijuana plant.

At week 6 now, Blue Mystic "D" should be prime harvest by week 9.

Over the weekend, the dried & cured “Bebe” was weighed out (what’s left of her anyway), 1.35oz. or 38g, not too bad, considering the health of most of these plants at the start of Round 1 of this Pro-Grow 400 garden.

Our second attempt at the “Mystery Indica” has ended before it began, it is indeed a hardcore hermaphrodite and has been culled from the garden.

Blue Mystic “G” was harvested this past weekend. At week 7 of bloom, her trichomes were a mix of milky & clear, a solid indicator of a peak time to harvest. I’m pondering re-vegging her one more time. Cuttings are next to impossible to get off of her and the way she produces ample trichomes, she’d make a great kief/hashing plant!

New to the Bloom-Room now: a small 4 week old cutting from White Widow #3 (think bud-cicle) in a 1 gallon fabric pot, and an Aurora Indica (#4 – another sativa-ish phenotype) that is 8 weeks from seed in a 3 gallon smartpot.

Grow Specifications

Type: Perpetual 12/12
Area: Tent, 4.5′ x 3.5′

Lighting: Hydroponics Hut Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. grow light  – Manufacturer Info »
Grow Medium: Fox Farm Happy Frog, Ocean Forest
Container: Smart Pots & Aurora Industry fabric pots, 3 and 5 gallon.

how to grow weed

Dry mix in soil: Earth Juice’s Rainbow Mix Grow w/Mycorrhizae & Humic Acid
Late bloom supplement: Fox Farms Beastie Bloom

Plant Strains: Blue Mystic (x1), Aurora Indica (x3), White Widow (x2)