Blue Mystic pre harvest

Blue Mystic buds at week 8

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Week 9 into 10 – all 3 cuttings harvested.

I estimated 3oz (85 grams), but when all was said and dried we had just over 3oz (94 grams) of prime harvest. After curing and a final trimming, 2.8oz was the weight. I have achieved well over 5oz of top-grade meds with the same set-up in grows past.

On the brighter side… Blue Mystic “D” was given out to patients who happily offered up glorious reviews. Much to my surprise, this strain has quickly become talk of the town, aka “Trichomes O’Plenty!”

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

All that remains now is what you see in the video, a small jar of the prime pieces and the “B” pieces on the plate. Meanwhile, more cuttings are hatching in the nursery…

As I said previously, in all 5 grows of these cuttings, this one is what a Blue Mystic should be in terms of potency for medicating muscle, nerve & joint pain, restlessness…