The Pro-Grow 180 Cam 

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

We'll see in 3 weeks how our Bubbleponics/Pro-Grow 180 compare to their mom!

This is the mother the cuttings came from, she's at week 6 of bloom

Our 3 Blue Mystic plants are in the midst of week 3 of bloom, about 50-someodd days from cutting.

Not a lot to report other than the plants are looking great! The picture to the left is the mother of our 3 cuttings, Blue Mystic “D”. She is at week 6 bloom under the Pro-Grow 400, in the Bloom-Room. Needless to say the 3 cuttings, the Bubbleponics system and the Pro-Grow 180 have their work cut out for them. We’ll check back in 3 weeks or so and do a comparison of the plants at week 6 of blooming!

Blue Mystic "D", in Bubbleponics under the Pro-Grow 180

Light penetration from the Pro-Grow 180 looks solid, with dense growth all the way down!

Thus far, the Pro-Grow 180 has been a closet gardener’s dream!  Lush growth, good coverage and fantastic penetration! Again, I look forward to the comparisons of these under the 180, to that of their mother under Hydroponics Hut 400 model. Time will tell!

Oh, I did find out the the Sensi line of nutrients we are using IS NOT “pH Perfect”, so thank you Advanced Nutrients, for nothing! Other than some exciting, but very unclear ads and marketing material, we found out on our own any of Advanced Nutrients “pH Perfect” product line are NOT available in Oregon! Hey, how about some distinctly clear and descriptive  info on your labels that state “This product does not contain pH perfect technology.

I blame Oregon state laws for prohibiting the sale it here, but come on Advanced Nutrients, no more deceptive marketing ads!

Week 3 of Bloom, Nirvana Blue Mystic

I found that empty milk jugs, wedged properly, help to "expand" the tent & increase the bloom area!


Grow Specifications

Type: Test
Area: Tent, 3′ x 2′

Lighting: Hydroponics Hut Pro-Grow 180 L.E.D. grow light  – Manufacturer Info »
Grow Medium: Bubbleponics (Deep Water Culture, DWC Hydroponics) 6 gallon

Grow Weed Easy!

AN’s – Sensi Grow A&B, and Sensi-Bloom A&B

Plant Strains: Blue Mystic (x 3 cuttings)