Blue Mystic Cuttings/Pro-Grow 180 grow - Day 19

As their roots set in the nutrient solution, vegetative growth intensifies.

We’ve once again raised the Pro-Grow 180 LED grow light, hopefully for the last time, and switched it back to full spectrum. The lamp is now at 24″ above the plants (I can only raise it up another 3 inches maximum), and I plan to just let them grow & bloom upward into the light.

The Must Try legend.

Somewhere between 8″ and 12″ tall is when I plan to throw the 12/12 switch. The previous lamp lowering & spectra change was to encourage vertical growth and get some more space in between the crowded nodes.

Please note: In the video, there is mention of the lamp being 30″ above the plants. That is incorrect, it is 24 inches above the canopy.    

Bubbleponics growing Blue Mystic Cuttings

Day 19, a few more inches to grow until 12/12... Stay tuned!