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Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Day 22 Bloom Pro-Grow 180/Bubbleponics Garden

The Blue Mystic cuttings have been flourishing in bubbles, under our Pro Grow 180 LED grow light

Beautiful growth from our Pro-Grow 180 LED grow light

With tops forming everywhere, shade-leaf management becomes essential

Now that I’ve gotten the pH dialed in, growth has picked up into “overdrive,” I guess one could say. New white hairs exploding on the scene, branches filling in while stretching upward, and the first trichomes dotting young bud leaves.

I do need to spend more time in this tent. Beyond the usual reservoir change and a little leaf training/pruning, I stick my head in once in a while just to admire, but I haven’t needed to do much of anything.

Blue Mystics, 7 weeks from cutting, day 22 bloom

Light coverage and saturation is perfect, penetration good & deep too!

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Buds bloom under an LED Grow Light

Now we look forward to seeing how well these Blue Mystics bud out over the next 4 weeks!

Prior to bloom, the Pro-Grow 180 was set to 24-26″ above the plant tops. Growth was solid at that range, now, as the branches bud and grow upward, the light only gets better as they get taller. This method assures that growth of even the lowest branches with direct light exposure, will be solid as well.