Blue Mystic "D" day 29 in bubbles

From Day 29 - Growth above and below the lid is beginning to quicken up.

I’d meant to update this back a week or so ago. This one picture was as far as thing got, so from Day 29 till yesterday (Day 36) will be included as well…

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

Seeing as the plants took up less than 1/2 gallon of nutrient solution since the previous change, the week before last, I  let the reservoir run an additional week without a nutrient change. I can happily report I’m not disappointed in doing so.

Did one last check Monday of last week, then closed up the tent for several days. I always love returning to a garden I’ve not seen for a few days, especially when the growth has been excellent.


From Day 36…

Nirvana Blue Mystic under LED grow lights

Blue Mystic cuttings, just over 1 month old, nearly ready for 12/12


Pro-Grow 180 LED grow light indoor grow

Now in the 9" - 12" zone, they are ready for some LST and light pruning


Light penetration with the Pro Grow 180 covers wide and deep

Ready to LST today, then prune back hidden undergrowth in a day or two.

The plant tops have been bent & wired down, the lower branches which were already very active are now in overdrive. I began clipping off lower branches that are now hidden by the bend (they are usually then used as cuttings), concentrating on leaving only 6 – 8 of the biggest/strongest looking branches to train into tops.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Thus far, I could not ask for an easier grow. I’ve only done 3 reservoir changes (including yesterday), and have not even fretted about checking pH and the plants show no signs of even having to! The key to a good grow is balance, and the Bubbleponics set-up and the Advanced Nutrients “Sensi” line are really working well in conjunction with the lighting. On the subject of lighting, I can soundly say the Pro-Grow 180 is “kicking vegetative & rooting ass”! Granted, we’re in a 3′ x 2′ area, but you could efficiently saturate a larger 3′ x 3′  area (for blooming), and 4′ x 4’+ (for vegetation stage), no problem!

Check back soon!  We’ll officially start bloom next week.