Day 37 of Bloom - Blue Mystic/LED Grow Light/Bubbleponics

All three plants starting to thicken and get very sticky!

As week 6 of bloom takes shape, things are definitely getting sticky. Having grown this particular Blue Mystic phenotype in several different capacities (i.e. HPS, Soil, Hydro, etc….), I can say that it does its best in hydro, under LED. As if the contrasts in soil grows under HPS and LED weren’t enough, the plants grown in hydro began production of trichomes the first week of bloom. The inner fan leaves, leaf stems as well as the plant’s stems & branches between the buds are all liberally encrusted with trichomes.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Leaves, stems, branches & buds all coated in trichomes.

I am amazed at the resin production on this run of Blue Mystic "D"

For the first time, this phenotype exhibits an aroma or scent. From about week 4 of bloom, the buds developed a light oily/diesel aroma with a hint of sweet, dill-like floral essence.

Early into week 6, blue mystic buds pack on trichomes.

Ample trichomes everywhere make Blue Mystic a prime hash making strain

Medical Marijuana buds at week 6 of bloom.

Blue Mystic buds beginning to pack on weight at week 6.

One thing I have noted though, is developmental maturity of the growth of the buds seems about a week or two behind the soil versions of the same plant. With the very noticeable improvement in plant quality at such early stages, I think the trade-off will be more than worth any extra time in bloom.


Blue Mystic – D grow stats – Week 6 Bloom

Grow Medium:

6 gallon Bubbleponics Set-up

Pro-Grow 180, 14 – Band LED Grow-System (FYI– Hydroponics Hut is constantly working to perfect the Pro-Grow Line, and has since upgraded the 180 that is for sale now on their website, from the version I have.)

Grow Weed Easy!

Current: Vita-Gro, 3 part  mix

2nd generation Blue Mystic from an in-house, self pollenated Nirvana Blue Mystic.