Thursday, March 8:

The first cut of harvest

The first cut of the Blue Mystic harvest...

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

A quick look under the microscope revealed the trichomes to be at about 70% milky, 20% amber and a few remaining clear resin heads. Since I had a little time, I harvested the smallest one this morning!

The bud clusters are spaced in a lanky fashion, unusual for this phenotype that usually produces thick, dense buds. Seeing as how the buds never attained their potential size, it’s nice to see there are tons of bud clusters, all encrusted in a blanket jewel like trichomes.

The first bud harvested!

A closer look at the first cut buds...

Blue Mystic Harvest Hanging to Dry

Hang em' high! The first Blue Mystic plant harvested!

Of the 5 or 6 grows with these particular Blue Mystic cuttings, though smaller than normal, the quality is off the charts! The truth is in the trichomes, and this one tells no tall tales! An early sample of this ( 60% clear, 30% cloudy) was impressive, even for being quick dried with no cure. She burned smooth & sweet, an uplifting sense of well being followed by hard couch lock! Hard couch lock! Did I mention the couch-lock? 😉

Friday, March 9: From rooted cutting to harvest cutting, 13 weeks in all.

Harvesting the Blue Mystic

This morning the other two plants came down, got trimmed and hung to dry!

In addition to knuckle sized buds galore, there ended up being at least one central or side cola on each plant that got nice & dense. Though a bit leafier than the soil versions of this cutting, these buds are thickly coated in trichomes, in some areas so dense, you can scrape them off with a fine edged blade! The aroma is also much more pronounced and with a sweet floral hint, like Plumeria.

I have each plant separated while drying, but they will all be combined and weighted as one when dried.

The Bubbleponics set-up was removed & cleaned up and a White Widow 3 cutting in a 3 gallon soil smart-pot was added into the fray.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mystic out, White Widow in!

As the Blue Mystics hang to dry, a White Widow 3 cutting is in their place...

In a few days I’ll have a wrap-up post ready, total weight should be in as well, and of course a med report!