Blue Mystic buds week 9 bloom

Week 8 into 9 and roots are being flushed in preparation for harvest.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Once again, I have been neglecting the poor Blue Mystic cuttings in the Bubbleponics system. It’s not the fault of the plants, nor the lighting, just got a little frustrated on this grow, as it started out so simple and well, or so I thought and then things got a bit shaky, but leveled off, late bloom. I made a few key mistakes at some very key times.

I gave into marketing hype and went with Advanced Nutrients “Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom” 2 part mixes, that were supposedly thought to be “pH Perfect”. Advanced Nutrient’s advertisements are very confusing and the hydro shop I did business with assumed their newest shipment of Sensi was indeed the pH Perfect, and that according to the AN Rep, it was just old packaging being used up.

Week 9 Buds - Blue Mystic

With trichomes coating even the stems, this Blue Mystic may make a great hash plant.

For a few weeks I ran the Sensi nutrients under the assumption the was indeed perfect, and though on initial testing of a fresh nutrient mix, the pH was dead on balls accurate. But that is where perfection ended, as throughout the week pH dropped horrendously. Thankfully little damage was done during veg, but it wasn’t until early bloom we realized the error of our ways.

As we went from 18/6 to 12/12 and the nutrients went from “Grow” to “Bloom”, by week late week 1 of bloom, roots were shriveling, leaves were spotting and tips browning… No Bueno!

Trichome coated Blue Mystic Buds - Week 9

Look carefully & you can see amber trichomes beginning to dot the bud-scape

I called Advanced Nutrient’s hotline, only to find out there is NO phPerfect available in Oregon, and they went on to explain why, but I don’t really care why, only that my plants were fu-uped! I asked why their ads didn’t clearly point out that it is unavailable in certain states and was told that they HOPED that ONE DAY, it will be available in prohibited stated and didn’t want to have to reprint advertising. Then went on to say something about Fat Mike, or Big Al or somebody, having made a Youtube video (a year ago) that states the issue with Oregon. WTF???

Nirvana Seeds, Straight from the Source!

A gnarly sticky mass of Blue Mystic buds

Nothing huge, but there are ample trichome encrusted buds everywhere!

I’ve got  a friend I consider to be a Garden Sage. Having a grow “guru” at your disposal is nice, though I try to only rely on her when I cannot figure what I’ve done wrong, or what I could have done better. Every grow I’ve done with this strain in soil has been consistent, with each successive plant doing better than the one(s) before it. This time I thought hydro (Bubbleponics) would kick up its production and I probably was right, but not this time.

Anyhow my “guru” pointed out the size of my roots (they are the smallest root mass I’ve had) and went on to speak of the size of the root mass directly correlating with the size of the plants and that logically, the drastic pH swings in early bloom were bad enough to effect development so that even by the time I had the pH corrected, the plants had already moved past their bud development & bloom setting period. Live & learn…

So currently I am about 1 week away from harvesting a buttload of smaller, but oh so sticky buds. Depending on how the harvest/manicure looks, I may just kief the whole crop and make dry sieved hash, but I probably should wait until it’s harvested, because like anything, it isn’t over until it’s over.

Nirvana Seeds, Straight from the Source!

Lessons learned…

  1. Don’t believe marketing materials!
  2. Always know where your pH is!