Now that the Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light is running full spectrum, we rearranged our seedlings and bloomer to maximize light usage. Smaller plants, raised higher on the ends, taller plants are kept in the middle, down lower and all plants are rotated throughout the day.

I have to say the growth rate has been astounding, almost hard to keep up with, even. The day 30 pic below, shows the Jock Horrors nice & green. Once the dual spectrum was on, their growth far outpaced the container & nutrients in the soil. In the day 35 pic, they really bushed out & up, and though we transplanted as soon as we could afford more soil & pots, they yellowed a great deal from a quick onset of nutrient deficiency.

The cuttings from the Nirvana Blackberry plants have bushed out too. Once I can get a few cuttings from them, they will be promoted to the Bloom-Room.

Yesterday (Sun,19, 2011):

The Veg-Tent, medical marijuana plants

Veg-Tent Day 35 - Blue Mystic Offspring #1 (Auto)

5 days earlier…

Marijuana seedlings and cuttings

Veg-Tent Day 30 - Blue Mystic Offspring #1 (Auto)

Blue Mystic Autoflower Marijuana plant

Growth of the Blue Mystic Autoflower under the Pro-Grow 260, can be measured every 4 hours.


Next to the Pro-Grow 260, the real star of the show is Blue Mystic Offspring #1 (Auto). Her growth in the past 5 days has been almost “aggressive”. I had even snapped her main top while LST’ing her last week, thanks to a little duct-tape and a determination to bloom, she has rapidly tripled in size, and  is nearly 3 times the size of her Blue Mystic sibling that is currently under the 600w HPS.

If she weren’t LST’d, she would be about 18″ tall, with most of that coming in the last 5 days. A lot of stretchy growth down low, which is fine as it allows for her tops to grow & bloom unimpeded from lack of light penetration. The more I bend & train her it seems, bud sites just keep popping up, taller & thicker.


An autoflowering Blue Mystic marijuana plant

5 days later, our little autoflower isn't quite so little anymore.

The other Autoflowers… Northern Light Autos from Nirvana Seeds.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

More Autoflowers - Northern Light Autoflowers from Nirvana Seeds

The older two Northern Light Autos finally begin to kick in, #3 catching up quickly.

In the pic below, are the earlier cuttings from the Blackberry plants just harvested (and sampled). I eagerly look forward to getting more cuttings off both of these, as the results of the first grow is stellar!!! Once some more cuttings are secured,  these two will go into 3 gal smart pots & be sent off to bloom.

Nirvana Blackberry Cuttings.

After harvesting (and sampling) the mothers of these Blackberry cuttings, they have become very valuable to me.

So currently as it stands, we have four auto flower plants going. If BMO #3 goes auto then YEEHAWWWWWW! I suspect that roughly half of the seeds garnered from our previous Blue Mystic grow should be autoflowers as well.


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