From Week 5

Jock Horror grown under a Pro-Grow 260
At 6 thru 8 weeks from seed, Jock Horror #1 is a dense,
2ft. x 2ft. bush & growing

Growth under the Pro-Grow 180 was plentiful enough we had already taken a few cuttings.  Week 7 saw the changing of the lights with the Pro-Grow 180 being replaced with Hydroponics Hut’s 260 model.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

During weeks 7 through 9, the vegetative growth exploded.  Jock #1 was FIMmed early on, then LST’d to try to limit horizontal growth & increase the lateral growth.

Even with moving the Pro-Grow 260 higher off the canopy, the growth remained the same, extreme branching, very tight node spacing, and new shoots daily.


Too dense to bloom, Jock #1 will be thinned out prior to flowering.


Beyond Weeks 8 & 9

Jock #1 is ready to go under the HPS in the Bloom-Room. Spoiled by the intense vegetative lighting, her growth is far too dense to just flower out, so a lot of trimming will have to be done first to help the plant maximize it’s budding sites.

This thick growth is only possible with light that has the proper spectrum, intensity and penetration. It seems obvious to me, that the Pro-Grow 260 has it nailed down!
Nodes & lateral branching is very tight, down to about 10″ under the canopy. Beyond that, the growth is so thick, branch tips are pale from lack of light and thus should be trimmed away.



One side almost done.

The Trim

Even after taking several cuttings and trimming about 60% of the non-essential, lower & inner growth, Jock Horror #1 is still thick with tight node, inner branching.

It will be interesting to see how she does under the HPS, as her sister, Jock #2 took off like gang busters!





Before: Even partially thinned, growth is so dense, dozens of branch shoots never see light.

After being trimmed out, more light will be allowed to penetrate the canopy.

After: Hard to tell, but we pruned away about 40% of her growth, just leaving prime budding spaces.

Blue Mystic Autoflower

Our little offspring, a Blue Mystic Autoflower. Day 6 bloom, day 29 from seed.

And the cycle continues… Cuttings from Jock #1 have been taken, She’s been thinned and now in week 1 of bloom.

Back in the Veg-Tent, under the Pro-Grow 260 are now

  • 1 – Blue Mystic Offspring Autoflower, day 29 from seed, in bloom
  • 1 – Blue Mystic Offspring non-auto, day 29 from seed
  • 2 – Northern Light Autoflower seedlings @ 22 days(one looks like it’s not going to make it).
  • 1 – Northern Light Autoflower seedling, started to replace the sickly one.
  • 1 – Blue Mystic Offspring seedling, will have to wait till week 3 or so, to determine if it will auto or not.
  • Jock Horror cuttings (from both 1 & 2)
  • Blackberry cuttings (from both 1 & 2)


Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds