2 Northern Light Autoflowers

The last (and best?) of the autoflower Northern Light plants.

It has been a while since I’ve chimed in on the Pro-Grow 260 lamp. By now, our version is about 2 or 3 generations behind the current models, though is showing no signs of aging or becoming an antiquity. The grow room is currently being torn apart and moved, meanwhile the Pro-Grow 260 still sits in the corner vegging out cuttings, seedlings and blooming out autoflower plants.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Northern Light Autoflower

A beautiful, wide stature with big bud clusters on the branch tips. We'll call this one "Tigress"

Our vegged cuttings have gotten out of hand, most in the 2 – 3 foot range, but down center I’ve kept two Northern Light Autoflowers going. These two are from seeds coming off a 1st gen. self-pollenated Northern Light Auto, from Nirvana Seeds. Big, beautiful and very aggressive growers, these two were christened “Tigress” and “Cougar” though I can no longer remember which is which.

Buds blooming on a Northern Light Autoflower

Roughly week 6 of bloom, another 3 weeks or so should be just fine!

Auto-flower Northern Light

Nice Northern Light nuggets, from tip to stem!

Northern Light Autoflower  "Cougar"

Cougar is a beautiful specimen, rough serrated leaves and tall spear-tipped colas...

Nirvana seeds, staight from the source!

These are the most simple & trouble free autoflower seeds I’ve ever done. Oddly they were by far the slowest to bloom, they declared female by week 3 into 4, just like all previous runs but it took an additional two to three weeks before they actually began to flower. Every run thus far, of the Northern Light Autos have finished out in under 90 days from seed to harvest, this crop is the exception. We could be looking at about 110 – 120 days from seed to harvest, longer than expected, but both plants are relatively large and seem to be continuing to pack on mass.

“Tigress” has smoother leaf serrations and thicker buds, though her overall size is a bit smaller than “Cougar”. On a glance, it’s difficult to tell them apart.

Buds galore on this autoflower marijuana plant.

Northern Light Auto flower "Cougar" - Lean, mean, green buds on our cannabis plant!

Pro-Grow 260 LED grown Northern Light Auto-flowers

"Cougar" a beautiful Northern Light Autoflower, grown under a Pro-Grow 260 LED

I’ll post up more as we get into the harvest zone…

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