Back on May 25th, we began with a Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light from Hydroponics Hut, a few autoflower seeds, and some cuttings & seedlings. We ran the light at an 18/6 (veg) light cycle and by August 28th we not only sprouted numerous seedlings, vegged several plants to maturity and rooted quite a few cuttings, but in this timeframe we also grew & harvested 3 autoflower plants all within a confined space of 3 feet by 2 feet (a closet/stealth grow).

The Results

Autoflower marijuana buds, dried & cured.

Left to right: Blue Mystic Offspring Auto, Northern Light Auto #3, and Northern Light Auto #1

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mystic Auto: 48 grams,
Northern Light Autoflower #3: 60 grams
Northern Light Autoflower #1: 34 grams,
Total: 142 grams (just over 5 ounces)

So let’s look at the breakdown, theoretically invested:
$429.00 Pro-Grow 260
+ $33.00 Additional Power/Electricity for 3 months
+ $60.00 Soil, seeds nutrients, etc.
= $522.00

Medical prices vary, but lets just say it’s $200 an ounce donation, $200 x 5oz= $1000

Booyah! Not only did your new Pro-Grow 260 just pay for itself , but you also saved an additional $500 on med donation costs.

Blue Mystic (offspring) Autoflower

The Blue Mystic offspring that Autoed. Crazy sticky with a wild aroma!

Blue Mystic Auto - Crazy sticky with a wild aroma!

Blue Mystic Autoflower bud close-up

Some of the buds were almost Dr. Grinspoon like, others tight & dense.

Autoflower bud close-up

A nice mellow body/head buzz follows a unique almost neutral aroma.

Northern Light Autoflower #3

Northern Light Autoflower #3

You should see the purple ones! These are the "average" nuggets.

Very dense marijuana buds are a northern light trait.

These dense, rock hard nuggets are sticky and smell of berry/sandalwood.

Like a Gunshot blast!

CLose-up of Northern Light buds

She provides a most wonderful effect, physically relaxing yet mentally stimulating!

Northern Light Autoflower #1

Northern Light buds from a different phenotype

The smallest of the group, she's decorated with red hairs & a skunky smell

A close-up of northern light marijuana buds

Long red hairs seclude a world of trichomes beneath them.

Northern Light auto-flower buds

Her skunky scent gives way to a surprisingly sweet finish.

The Bottom Line

One lamp, no supplemental lighting = 5+ ounces in a 90 day period! With the vegetative and blooming power of the Pro-Grow 260, one could reasonably expect harvests of 5 ounces or more within a 90+ day period.

Always happy to answer questions!