Week six and we’re in a growth & bloom boom!

Medical marijuana grow under a Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light

The autoflower is budding as seedlings & cuttings flourish, beneath the Pro-Grow 260 on an 18/6 light schedule.

We seem to be on a cycle of doubling in size every 5 to 7 days. The light cycle is 18/6, I could get away with 20/4, but any gained growth at this point would just lead to overcrowding. (pic – six days ago… »)

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Autoflower marijuana plant

The "Snap & Bend" to help control height. Carefully done, it causes little stress to the plant.

Blue Mystery Autoflower (Blue Mystic Offspring)

Vertical growth in the Blue Mystic autoflower is beginning to slow, I think I’ve said that a few times now, but perhaps this is the charm. Bud sites are numerous & beginning to gain mass, but I am still having to raise the light as well as “snap & bend” a few tops to keep their height in check.

The light emitted by the Pro-Grow 260 is efficient and intense enough to support fast results in a SCROG or LST method grow, as any bent or trained branches quickly recover & grow back towards the light, allowing for multiple or faster training. Even branches that are snapped quickly heal over quickly, growing strong & thicker.

Blue Mystery Autoflower blooming under a Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light

Blue Mystery (Mystic) Autoflower - a strange yet amazing plant to watch grow. Week 7 from seed, Day 21 bloom.


Northern Light Autos # 1 & 2

The Northern Light autoflowers #1 & #2 have declared, #1 is all female but NLA #2 may be a hermaphrodite, we’re giving it another week or so. (pic – Check out her weirdness here »)

Northern Light Autoflower

After a 3 week of dud, NLA #1 appears to be auto-flowering.

Northern Light Auto #1 is throwing out branches every which way, the lower ones are taller than the plant’s top, but we’re LSTing her anyway. She is gaining about 1-3″ of growth daily.

Both autoflower sprouts were VERY sensitive to overwatering and suffered for the first 2 weeks (All other seedlings at that time did just fine), nearly losing them followed by 2 weeks or so of no growth. Finally, after repotting them in a high-drainage medium, in a hempy style 8″ bucket, they began to respond and in another week and made a stunning comeback.

At this point in the grow, the Pro-Grow 260 is really impressing me. This is perhaps the best blend of footprint coverage AND intense penetration I have seen, thus far from Hydroponics Hut. Initially, I was concerned that the smaller plants & sprouts would suffer from a lack of light, as I was needing to raise the light daily, to accommodate the Blue Mystic Autoflower. As you can tell from their size increase in the pictures, this is not the case.


More to follow…

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