Sorry everyone, this post is a bit rushed… I’ll make it up to you all. Promise!


The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

End of week 6 bloom, week 14 from seed.

We got a bit of a heat spell late last week and into this weekend. Even with the 600 watt ballast dialed down to 300 watts, the high pressure sodium still kicked out a little too much heat.

Temperature in the tent reached a high of 94ºF, all of which occurred Thursday/Friday, while I was away. Friday afternoon, the HPS came out and the Pro-Grow 260 LED went in. The LEDs dropped the temperatures in the tent about 12ºF.

Blackberry #2 showed signs of heat stress. Only a few leaves with curled edges, but the tips of 5 of her colas began to stretch. I really hope it will fatten up again, it is possible as there are still 2 to 4 weeks remaining in theory.

Nirvana Blackberry buds mature under LED grow lights.

Due to heat issues, we swapped the Pro-Grow 260 in for the high pressure sodium.

With the Pro-Grow 260 in the tent and temps almost under control, the plants for the most part, were taken care of, and that gave me a little breathing room. Saturday we set up a new area and Sunday we worked and tore down, moved, rebuilt, and re-ducted the Bloom-Room.

All the efforts paid off, we put the high pressure sodium back in the tent and currently the HPS is running at at 75% (450 watt) and the tent is maintaining a happy 73ºF. I regret not taking more pics of the 260 in the Bloom-Room, I was so worried about damaging the Blackberry buds, I just focused on solving the problem. The above last moment pics are off my phone and not the greatest.

The 260 is back in the Veg-Tent. I have to admit, I was really surprised at the coverage & penetration. In terms of side by side brightness, the HPS is truly blinding and seems to outshine the LEDs, but once the 260 is in place and running, the vast majority of the light is focused downward and covers the canopy & floor neatly, and th eight mover is just icing. When it does actually warm up here, if heat becomes an issue again, I can confidently shelve the HPS till fall & replace it with the 260. The down side is that it would be back to CFLs for veg, so no more blooming autoflowers with the seedlings & cuttings.

Medical marijuana garden.

Under the LEDs and dreaming...


Meanwhile back at the Veg-Tent…

Marijuana strain "Jock Horror"

Jock Horror #1 still sitting on the verge of blooming in the Veg-Tent.

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

The cuttings have kicked in, and the Blue Mysteries are off and running!

Only problem now is the damn Northern Light Autos won’t grow! We have a few seedlings for outdoors started 3 days after the NL-autos, they are 3 times the size already… More to follow!