The Cheese Stands Alone – Whatever that means…

Cheese Autoflower

Cheese Auto under LEDs, week 11 from seed.


The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

LED grown Cheese Autoflower

Cheese autoflower at harvest, close up.

We are at about 81 days from seed, and this Cheese Autoflower has grown without a hitch beneath the Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light from Hydroponics Hut. I really wish I had put her in more soil, she grew in 2 gallons of soil, 3 – 5 would have been better, as the LED lighting really kicked this autoflower into high-gear.

I do note that my Dinafem autos have been a little leafier looking than the breeder’s pics & description, but that may be attributed to a higher nitrogen content in the soil when the autos go into full bloom. I may work on adjusting my soil mix for autos.

Side bud - LED grown Cheese Auto

Simply beautiful…

One thing I cannot fault these auto’s for is their trichome content. The tennis ball sized buds are spun with calyxes & little bud leaves that sparkle with a bevy of trichomes.

Trichomes at harvest, Cheese Autoflower

Trichomes at harvest, Cheese Autoflower

Currently only the upper “purple” tops & branches have been harvested. The deep green inner buds will be left to bloom another week or so.

Check back soon! I’ll have more pics of the Cheese Auto buds and the first round harvest weight!