Cheese Autoflower grown under a Hydroponics Hut Pro-Grow LED grow light

Dinafem Cheese Autoflower 100% LED Grown

The combination of stellar genetics from Dinafem and the uber intense LED lighting from the Pro-Grow 260X make for some serious “closet monsters”…

The bizarre Northern Light Auto is having some deficiency issues and will sit out this photo shoot. Took and flushed the root base, adjusted a few things, now it’s wait & see. I believe it is more of a trait within a particular phenotype, as I had one other do the same. It proved a real bitch to keep it healthy, but the reward was more than worth it!

Like a Gunshot blast!

The Cheese autoflower continues to impress. Her VERY pungent aroma now fills the grow room as her buds begin to purple and swell with trichomes.

Pro-Grow 260X easily blooms out a Dinafem Cheese Autoflower

Day 72 from seed and about day 58 of flowering under the Pro-Grow 260X.

Dinafem’s stable of autoflower genetics are impressive, high germination rates, fast autoflowering, aggressive growth with explosive budding and high CBD making it especially suited for medical applications.

Lower bud nugget grown under LED grow lights

About 8 weeks of bloom, the billiard ball sized buds & colas turn purple & ripen

Again too, I am extremely impressed with the penetrating intensity of Hydroponics Hut’s Pro-grow 260X. As the upper buds have been fattening up, I’ve been trying to bend the branches (very thick & stiff branches) outward to open up the center of the plant to more light. The growth & branching is extremely dense & tight, but anything in range of the LEDs is budding beautifully!

Lower bud on a Cheese Autoflower

Even the lower buds are getting enough light to fatten up!

Perhaps another week… Two at most, till harvest.

Check back next week!