Meanwhile back in the Pro-Grow 260X closet space…

Cheese Autoflower grown under a Pro-Grow 260X

Dinafem Cheese Autoflower at day 56 from seed, under the Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.


A sticky mass of “tart” smelling buds with 2 – 3 more weeks to go!


DinaFem Cheese Autoflower at day 56 from seed

Pro-Grow 260X LED grown Cheese Autoflowering

A hybrid  of a Critical+ autoflowering male with the original Cheese Original clone.

FYI – Cheese Auto’s scent is extremely pungent, not a stealth candidate at all. You can smell her from several meters away as soon as the tent is opened. Size wise the Cheese autoflower is awesome, but her aroma is VERY pungent an wandering. Not that I’m complaining, but you’ll want a good carbon filter set-up with this one!


Day 61

The Northern Light Auto…
Here is my lazy Northern Light auto… Same age as the Autoflower Cheese, but is taking her sweet time in blooming, may go well above the 90 day point…

Northern Light Autoflower

Same age as the Cheese, but who knows when she’ll finish?

Northern Light Autoflower side branch

Side cola on the Northern Light Autoflower, Day 61 from seed.

Cheese declared female at day 18 from seed and rapidly bloomed. The Northern Light auto declared at day 26, but didn’t begin to bloom for another 2 and a half weeks, which puts her at week 4-5 of blooming. I think at this point the Cheese Auto has about 2 weeks left, with the Northern Light auto another 4 weeks out.

Grow Weed Easy!

And more of the Autoflower Cheese…

Dinafem's Cheese Autoflower - Day 61 from seed

Cheese Autoflower – Day 61 from seed

Dinafem Cheese Autoflower - Day 61 from seed

Tennisball sized Cheese buds…