After Harvest Weights

Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light, lens close-up

the Pro-Grow 260X has an amazing output concentrated into an intense grow area!

What can you do with a 3′ x 2′ space in less than 90 days with 3, fine autoflower seeds, a kick-ass LED grow light and a little love? Quite a bit it turns out.

I took Hydroponics Hut’s new Pro-Grow 260X and ran it through the paces of an “autoflower” medical marijuana grow.

The Pro-Grow 260X lamp, it is quite a bit different from the standard Pro-Grow 260 (which is a favorite model of mine), the “260X” really stands out as an LED grow lamp that was specifically developed for limited garden spaces, or “closet” areas.

Why autoflowers? Simply put, time. Zero to harvest in under 80 days… Oh, and fun too. I mean, you can bloom & harvest mature cuttings within a similar timeframe, but to see the plant go from sprout to a sprawling vegetative/budding whirlwind is something to behold. The obvious downside to autos is that yields can be all over the place, but with better breeding has come more consistent & larger autoflowering marijuana plants.

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3 Autoflower cannabis plants under the Pro-Grow 260X

Our 3 Autoflower plants thriving under the Pro-Grow 260X

While any high-powered LED could effectively do a “closet grow”, the Pro-Grow 260X seems a balance of thoughtful mix of design & engineering. Appearing nearly as wide as the area it intends to cover, it also maximizes its frugal use of power via focused & diffusing lenses. The fans are very quiet and the unit runs comfortably warm in smaller “closet” type spaces.

As important as quality of build is, perhaps most important are the results obtained. I can start by simply saying, I was very pleased. Especially considering all three plants were autoflower varieties, being impressed throughout most of the grow, it was the time of weighing that brought some pleasant surprises.

The smallest plant, but fastest to harvest was the DinaFem Haze Autoflower. A unique & beautiful plant, I pegged her for about 30 grams at best.

42 grams harvested - Pro-Grow 260X + Dinafem Haze Autoflower

The Pro-Grow 260X & Dinanfem Haze Autoflower Harvest!

Fortunately I was a bit on the conservative side as the total dried & trimmed weight was over 42 grams.

Then there were the two Northern Light x Big Bud autos. Both plants were remarkably similar, showing the stability of the breeders efforts. The slight variations between the two though are worth noting.

Plant #1 had thinner looking colas and was just a bit more lanky than #2, with gnarly foxtails and lots of purple coloring on the leaves and trichomes. Plant #1 also had a bit more of the Northern Light sweetness in the aroma, where as #2 had more skunky notes.

Plant #2’s fat spear-tipped colas were something to behold. A slightly denser plant than her sibling, #2 kept packing on mass till the end (well they both did really). But #2 was also less finicky when it came to feedings, #1 took a bit of wrangling to keep her healthy.


  • DinaFem Haze Autoflower:  42 grams
  • Northern Light x Big Bud #1:   52 grams
  • Northern Light x Big Bud #2:   55 Grams

Northern Light x Big Bud harvested

Plant #1 – 52 grams!

The next big surprise was how close 1 & 2 were in final weight. I thought #2 would be substantially heavier on the scales, but in the end it was little more than a 3-4 gram difference between the two.

Northern Light x Big Bud harvest

55+ grams!

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

There is one last plant under the Pro-Grow 260X, an autoflower Northern Light At week six from seed, she may be a specimen to behold… Tune in next time!