Quick Stats:

Quick Stats:

Medium: 2 gallons Ocean Forest soil, Smartpot.

Nutrients: General Organics nutrients

Lighting: 1 – Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light from Hydroponics Hut

Dianfem Cheese Autoflower: Total time: 11 weeks from seed to harvest.
Final Weight: 63 grams (2.2 ounces)

 Northern Light Autoflower (Nirvana Seeds): Total time: 16 weeks from seed to harvest
Final Weight: 120.6 grams
(4.25 ounces)

The combined weight from both plants totaled 183 grams or just under 6.5 oz! So once again, the Pro-Grow 260X from Hydroponics Hut has absolutely nailed the closet space grow (3′ x 2′).

Dinafem's Cheese Autoflower - Day 61 from seed

Cheese Autoflower – Day 61 from seed

Early in November 2012, a land race Dinafem Cheese Auto and a Northern Light Autoflower from Nirvana Seeds were sprouted. They promptly grew & the Cheese Auto get her first flowers by the 3rd week, with the Northern Light Auto not far behind flowering at week 4. But that is where things diverged and the two strains took on their own traits, this is their story…

Northern Light Autoflower

Same age as the Cheese, but who knows when she’ll finish?

Dinafem’s Cheese Autoflower is a real winner in my book, well worth a grow! She grew, bloomed & harvested like clockwork. 63 grams or just under 2.25 oz in all!

Nirvana’s Northern Light Auto is one of my favorite auto strains. To be fair ,the Northern Light auto I have here is actually a 2nd generation seed from a self pollenated bud, off one of the original seeds form Nirvana. Unbeknownst to me one rogue plant happened to pollenate a lower bud and out of what could have been a catastrophe came 12 or so seeds, all of which have thus far autoed beautifully and for the most part were very stable and very similar to the plants from the original seeds.

There were a couple odd plants out of the bunch, one never vegged past a 4 inch tall mass of leafs. one was very Sativa looking, lanky and produced the most tasty buds.


First harvest off the Lazy Northern Light Auto

First harvest off the Lazy Northern Light Auto

This plant were weighing is another odd duck. She took from most of November  to mid February, or 15 weeks from seed before the first run harvest happened. Then a week later the second cut was done as the first round was now dry & headed foo to cure in jars.

Second harvest off the Northern Light Autoflower

Second harvest off the Northern Light Autoflower

The first cut came to 56.8 grams (2 ounces). The golf ball size buds were dense & very sticky. The tips exposed to the most light were all a deep purple, fading away to a mix of dark & lime greens.

With the second cut dry, it weighed in at 63.8 grams… tallying  the total weight off the Northern Light Auto to 120.6 grams, or 4.25 ounces total! This make it the new record holder for largest auto I’ve  grown yet.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Northern Light Autoflower Harvest

2nd harvest – 63 grams!

Northern Light Autoflower Harvest

Northern Light Autoflower Harvest

Grow Weed Easy!

Northern Light Autoflower Harvest

An array of bud sizes from the Northern Light Autoflower jars.

Northern Light Autoflower Buds

First & Second harvest off the Northern Light Autoflower

Northern Light Autoflower Harvest in Jars

Northern Light Autoflower sample buds

The combined weight from both plants totaled 183 grams or just under 6.5 oz!  So once again, the Pro-Grow 260X from Hydroponics Hut has absolutely nailed the closet space grow (3′ x 2′).

Thank you for checking it out!