Wow… What a long strange trip it has been!

Our lazy Northern Light autoflower has been harvested in two successive cuts just over a week apart. Last week’s cut is dried, it looks & smells simply amazing! this weekends harvest brings to a close the longest autoflower bloom I’ve yet to see. It just may be my largest too! It is no small wonder that breeders have really done their jobs, as the consistency, stability and yield of autoflowers have become nearly on par with their indoor photoperiod relatives.

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

Intense light penetration from the Pro-Grow 260X

Pro-Grow 260X – Intense light, and lots of it! Solid light readings down to the soil!

I would be remiss not to chime in about the “kick-ass-ness” of the Pro-Grow 260X! I’ve put the Pro-Grow 260X through several harvests of autoflower plants now, with the results spectacular each time. This time was no exception, this Northern Auto may easily surpass my largest autoflower harvest of slightly over 90 grams (Which was another Northern Light Auto). The most impressive thing about the performance of the Pro-Grow 260X is the ability to penetrate the densest of canopies. I had many concerns this particular plant was going to be too dense to have any real yield, and that only the very outside cola tops would have any significant density. Though I did harvest in two cuts, a week apart, the inner bud sizes were quite dense, covered in trichiomes. The extra week of LED light didn’t hurt though.

This time around I had a rogue Northern Light Auto, that just took her sweet, sticky time to bloom.

In the tent with the Northern was the Cheese Auto, harvested a few weeks ago, finishing with a ten+ week bloom (about 12 and a half weeks from seed total). The Lazy Northern finished at over 16 weeks from seed, and a 12 week bloom, which is an amazingly long time for any Northern Light strain, let alone an auto.

Good things come to those who wait

Northern Light Auto grown with a Pro-Grow 260X LED

Pro-Grow 260X LED – Northern Light Auto pre harvest…

The deficiency issue  is a phenotype trait. One out of every 8, give or take, seem to have this problem while  the rest of the plants are doing just fine. Nothing seems to help, I’ve tried flushing adding Cal/mag. The trick is to just keep these phenos blooming faster than they are dying!

One of the many secondary tops - Northern Light Auto

Northern Light Auto grown with a Pro-Grow 260X LED

The results speak for themselves 😉

   First harvest – 2/8/13:

Main cola off the Northern Light Autoflower

Main cola off the Northern Light Autoflower

Nirvana seeds, staight from the source!

First harvest off the Lazy Northern Light Auto

First harvest off the Lazy Northern Light Auto


Second harvest – 2/17/13:

LED grown Northern Light AutoBud

First side cola cut – Second harvest


Grow Weed Easy!

Second harvest off the Northern Light Autoflower

We let the Pro-Grow 260 run 1 more week – Second harvest off the Northern Light Autoflower

I’ll post up some bud porn & weights as soon as the buds are dry!