Don’t you love it when you take a day to NOT look at the plants, and then you come in the following morning to what seems like a growth explosion? I sure do.

Like a Gunshot blast!

An indoor medical marijuana garden

Roughly 3 weeks in and things are blooming up nicely!

This morning, I made a call to keep things at 5 plants rather than at 6 with the planned addition of a beautiful White Widow #3 clone this weekend (I know there are 6 plants in the picture to the right, but the little one in the lower-left doesn’t count). The Aurora Indicas are doing well, at about 20% larger than when they entered 12/12. The Jock Horror, and Blackberry on the other hand have nearly tripled and doubled in size in their first week in 12/12!

Adding another plant into the fray would be a waste of resources. As indicated by the size explosion, the plants are really taking advantage of the light & nutrients and space will soon become a precious commodity. Growth has surpassed my expectations and we need to have room for the continual growth of the 5 budding plants.

A beautiful Blackberry (Kush), in it's first week on bloom

#3 may be the charm, this Blackberry looks so promising!

I have yet to grow a Blackberry to my satisfaction. They’ve been “good” but not “great”. I know a lot has to do with the phenotype, this time around I wonder if #3 will exhibit true “blackberry” qualities, enough to be considered “kush”.
Jock Horror #3, a genetic Jack Herer, is nothing but amazing thus far. There is a long way to go, until she’s done and we can call it good, but if the robust start is any indication, my “Jackie” will do me and this grow proud!

Jock Horror (think "Jack Herer") from Nirvana Seeds

Jock Horror #3 - Only week 1 and she's nearly doubled in size...

Aurora Indica #4 (below) seems to have “stalled out”. Not much size added on over the past week, leaf tips looking haggard too. She may need a good flushing and fresh feeding.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Aurora Indica #4, week 3 - 4 bloom.

Bigger is better when it comes to vegetation time for dense Indica strains.

Aurora Indica #3 continues to grow taller and denser, noticeably more aggressive than AI #4. I may need to trim undergrowth and lollipop her branched for better upper growth.

Grow Weed Easy!

Aurora Indica 3, day 20 of bloom under the Pro-Grow 400

Aurora Indica #3's braches are stacked with tight young buds.

A dense Indica dominant, Blue Mystic

Yet another cutting from Blue Mystic "D", this looks to be the best.