I apologize for the fuzzy pics. My Sony went missing, so I’m using my phone that normally takes great pics, but currently has a scratch on the lens 🙁

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The star plant is Jock Horror #3, her amazing growth leaves me to have very high expectations. The strain Jock Horror is akin to the Jack Herer strain in just about every way, but Jock seems to harvest a bit sooner than Jack. The Jock which did very well in veg under the Pro-Grow 260, has really taken to the Pro-Grow 400. I turn my plants 90º, twice daily, within an hour all the branches change their directional growth to lean back towards the Pro-Grow 400.

Nirvana Seeds: Jock Horror

Nearly tripling in size over 2 weeks, Jock Horror is looking amazing!

And speaking of high expectations, Blackberry #3 is another fine specimen. Much denser, with very tight nodes in contrast to Jock #3, but after 2 tries with Blackberry, I’m really hoping for a solid Blackberry Kush phenotype. Thus far I have found Blackberry to be a challenging strain to grow to my satisfaction.

Nirvana Strain: Blackberry

A beautiful specimen Nirvana Seed

Aurora Indica #3 has surpassed #4 in size, and is clearly a week or so behind in the bloom department. Here’s to hoping she puts on some mass!

Aurora Indica from Nirvana Seeds

Aurora Indica #3, already offers aromatics of sandalwood

Aurora Indica #4 was showing symptoms of deficiency (note the haggard leaves), a solid flushing and light nutrients, and she’s looking well on her way to full health. But again I stress, for “short” indica strains, You’ll need to veg them large, as they do not seem to stretch & fill.

Cannabis strain Aurora Indica

At about the half-way point, vertical growth has ceased and trichome production is on!

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

Lastly is yet another Blue Mystic “D” cutting. Always a fun strain to grow, I highly recommend Blue Mystic and the Blue Mystic Auto-flower from Nirvana Seeds

Blue Mystic

The last cutting of this phenotype, "D" is always fun to watch bloom!