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Pro-Grow 400 LED, Round #2 Grow

March 12 - The Pro Grow 400 L.E.D. bloom tent

The plants have really taken advantage of the Pro-Grow 400 in Round #2! Though the Blue Mystic remains short, it is a wide, stout plant and looks to easily be one of the best ever from that set of cuttings. The Jock Horror (a genetic Jack Herer) continues to extend its colas and fill them with a plethora of white hairs and trichomes. This is the “sativa” phenotype of the strain and a with its thin leaves and long branching allowing light in all the way to the main stem, it perfect contender for growing out a tall, bushy  plant  for indoor grows.

Week 7 Bloom, Aurora Indica #4

The smallest of the round 2 plants, AI #4 impresses with her "Fruity Pebbles" meets hashy-sandalwood scent.

The Aurora Indica plants #3 and #4, the furthest along in bloom are coming into their own. #4 the smallest of the round 2 plants, is at about 43 days into bloom had some deficiency issues (common with certain phenos of the AI strain) a few weeks ago that set her back a little. After a good root flush, she’s been bouncing back with ample new white hairs and trichomes everywhere.

Week 6 Bloom - Aurora Indica #3

Aurora Indica #3 at early week 6 of bloom.

AI #3 is about day 36 of bloom and her tentacle like branches of foot long colas are covered in gnarly white hairs. She continues to pack on new growth at an amazing pace and has had no signs of the nutrient issues that #4 has had, though they are in the same soil mix.

Our Blackberry is looking very “Kush”. Our previous runs were more of a sativa looking phenotype that was good, but not what we were looking for in a “blackberry”. Blackberry #3 is a thick, dense, branchy plant, and at only day 16 of bloom looks like she will continue to impress for a long time more.

Day 16 bloom - Pro-Grow 400 LED & Blackberry #3

Blackberry #3 is stacked with dense colas.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Our Jock Horror, which is a genetic Jack Herer in heritage, is looking nothing short of amazing!!! This is the Sativa-like phenotype, that grows long lanky branches that fill out into thick long colas. Though Jocks are ready in about 9 weeks, if you let them go another one or two, they will reward you with amazing meds that cover a wide gamut.

Just 23 days into bloom and she sparkles with trichomes

This is a stellar Jock Horror (Jack Herer) sativa phenotype!

Footlong colas begin to fill in!

Already sticky, 14" - 18" Jock Horror colas begin to fill in under the Pro-Grow 400

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