I can’t say that this qualifies as a full update, but I was in the Pro-Grow 400 tent and took a few shots this morning.

Our Nirvana Jock Horror is still budding at a furious pace. New white hairs & bud clusters are fox-tailing up everywhere, turning sleek colas into gnarly trichome coated monsters.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Nirvana's Jock Horror with classic Jack Herer growth patterns.

In classic Jack Herer fashion, these young colas begin fox-tailing more gnarly growth.


Aurora Indica #4 is nearly prime for harvest and had a root flush ver the weekend, and is entering it’s final week. Aurora Indica #3 is at week 8, and shows little signs of slowing up. This past week has provided more white hair (pistil) clusters, spouting up all along her budding branches.

Week 8 Bloom under Pro-Grow L.E.D. grow lights

At week 8 Aurora Indica #3 is still packing on growth.


Perhaps our last run of Blue Mystic “D,” as we plan to re-energize our Blue Mystic line in the near future with a few fresh seedlings.

Nirvana Blue Mystic in bloom under L.E.D. grow lights

Beautiful spear-tipped buds & colas @ day 44 bloom, on Blue Mystic "D"


Nirvana‘s Blackberry is a solid strain. Fast growing, dense colas from top to bottom, trichome coated & smelling of ripe fruit and jet fuel. I am greatly looking forward to letting this one go as long as she can.

Fat Blackberry colas at week 5 of budding

Just past the halfway point, Blackberry colas blooming under L.E.D. grow lights.

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

At this point is it safe to say the Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. grow light is a definite keeper. At only 240 watts (full spectrum), the returns are more than enough to justify having this grow light in the garden. It will hands down, outproduce a 400w HPS and give a 600w HPS a run for it’s money.

More to follow…