I can’t say that this qualifies as a full update, but I was in the Pro-Grow 400 tent and took a few shots this morning.

Our Nirvana Jock Horror is still budding at a furious pace. New white hairs & bud clusters are fox-tailing up everywhere, turning sleek colas into gnarly trichome coated monsters.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Nirvana's Jock Horror with classic Jack Herer growth patterns.

In classic Jack Herer fashion, these young colas begin fox-tailing more gnarly growth.


Aurora Indica #4 is nearly prime for harvest and had a root flush ver the weekend, and is entering it’s final week. Aurora Indica #3 is at week 8, and shows little signs of slowing up. This past week has provided more white hair (pistil) clusters, spouting up all along her budding branches.

Week 8 Bloom under Pro-Grow L.E.D. grow lights

At week 8 Aurora Indica #3 is still packing on growth.


Perhaps our last run of Blue Mystic “D,” as we plan to re-energize our Blue Mystic line in the near future with a few fresh seedlings.

Nirvana Blue Mystic in bloom under L.E.D. grow lights

Beautiful spear-tipped buds & colas @ day 44 bloom, on Blue Mystic "D"


Nirvana‘s Blackberry is a solid strain. Fast growing, dense colas from top to bottom, trichome coated & smelling of ripe fruit and jet fuel. I am greatly looking forward to letting this one go as long as she can.

Fat Blackberry colas at week 5 of budding

Just past the halfway point, Blackberry colas blooming under L.E.D. grow lights.


At this point is it safe to say the Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. grow light is a definite keeper. At only 240 watts (full spectrum), the returns are more than enough to justify having this grow light in the garden. It will hands down, outproduce a 400w HPS and give a 600w HPS a run for it’s money.

More to follow…