Another “.5 (half)” update…

As you may remember last time… Aurora Indica #4 was harvested last week, and this morning, Aurora Indica #3 emerged out of 72 hours of darkness and was harvested.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

AI #3 has beautiful long, slender colas that are densely packed almost looking like missiles. And though she is indeed ready for being cut, she has been putting out new clusters of white hairs and looks as she could produce for another week or to. I had pondered letting it just bloom out, but after a closer inspection, male stamen (pollen sacs) were discovered on a few of her lower buds and the decision was made to chop…

Aurora Indica from Nirvana Seeds

In week 9 of budding, Aurora Indica #3 is harvested.

Aurora Indica top, close up

As ready as she is, it could probably go another 2 weeks.

Fat, healthy L.E.D. grown colas and buds!

Aurora Indica buds. grown under the Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. grow light

Aurora Indica #3, colas at harvest.

Dense, sticky and sweet... Nirvana Seed's Aurora Indica #3

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Harvested buds, hung to dry.

Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. Grow Light grown colas, hang to dry.

Up next… We’ll have the dry weight of AI #4, pics of the nuggets and of course a Med Report!