Nirvana's Aurora Indica bloomed under LED grow lights.

Ready to harvest! Aurora Indica #4

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Aurora Indica #4 is harvested & hanging. I was surprised by the density of the buds, as well as the quantity. I look forward to checking a dry weight on her.

Aurora Indica #3 – Began sprouting up “boy bananas” (Male stamen), thankfully she’s “close enough” to go, previously flushed and is now in a 72 hr dark period, prior to harvest.

Blue Mystic D #4 is entering the harvest zone as well. At about week 8, milky trichomes in her outer bud leaves are starting to amber.

Blackberry #3 – I had to remove some fan leaves and do a little branch bending, just to let light in. The branching & budding are crazy dense!

Jock Horror is at week 7 going into 8, I think “6 weeks” was said in the vid.

Aurora Indica #4

Lower buds on Aurora Indica #4

Aurora Indica #4 bloomed beautiful buds down to the bottom branches.

Close up of Aurora Indica colas before harvest.

Up close, the acrid scent of overly sweet fruit is nearly intoxicating!

Now there are only three “Round 2” plants left in the Pro-Grow L.E.D. grow light garden…

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UPDATE: AI #3 Harvested »