Nirvana’s Blue Mystic, Plant “D”

A dense Blue Mystic, medical marijuana plant.

Into week 8 of blooming, our Blue Mystic is nearly ready to harvest.

A near final look at our Blue Mystic, Plant “D” from the Pro-Grow 400 bloom tent.

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At week 8 of bloom, she’s ready to harvest. Water uptake is minimal, leaves are starting to discolor, growth has slowed down and the swelling of the buds has begun, as trichomes transition from clear to milky, to amber. The last remaining white pistils are shriveling and turning a faint orange.

Again, this phenotype is nearly devoid of pungent aromas, and makes for a great closet strain. What she lacks in scent, this plant makes up for in trichomes, as leaves stems and even branches are dotted with sparkling resin glands.

Beautiful buds bloomed under a Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light.

Even the buds deep down on the branches are dense & resin coated!

Ready to harvest indoor grown medical marijuana

Such a beautiful plant, though this may be the last time we run her cuttings.

Blue Mystic buds at day 55 of budding.

Like a super model, this girl is photogenic!

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mystic Buds, Grown under a Pro-Grow 400 LED Grow Light,

Once again, our Pro-Grow 400 LED Grow Light, once again does the job well!

The Pro-Grow 400 penetrates down to the lowest branches

Deep light penetration from our Pro-Grow 400 produces dense buds, even down low.