Updated – May 10, 2012

Blackberry #3 harvested

Our 3rd Blackberry, the most impressive yet, but...

Just shy of 10 weeks in bloom, we harvested the Nirvana Blackberry, #3. My hope was to let her go another week or two, but on an inspection of her lower branches, we discovered male flowers. Ack!

Indeed, after cutting & manicuring many of the low, inner buds were seeded. Nothing major, no harm done, but it’s obvious that it had hermied several weeks ago, yet due to its dense growth had escaped detection. I still have a few BB #3 cuttings, I’m blooming one more, if it goes hermaphrodite too, I’m dumping the remaining cuttings.

I got really lucky, the pollination could have been catastrophic, thankfully though it was contained to a few small seeded clusters. All the big buds & colas are “sinsemilla”.

Grow Weed Easy!

Nirvana Blackberry Buds

Thick, dense bud growth everywhere!

In this, our second grow with the Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light from Hydroponics Hut, we pushed for larger vegged plants in bloom-room. The 2 Aurora Indica plants faired well, blooming out just larger than  but strains like Jock Horror (aka Jack Herer), White Widow and Blackberry, seemed to thrive best, doubling or tripling in size by the mid point of bloom.

Medical Marijuana ready for harvest

Dense, dank and oh so ready to harvest!

Lower buds, bloomed under "L.E.D. grow lights"

Even the lower branches produced nice tops!

I did very little “lollipoping” (removing the low, interior bud growth from branches), yet I was very impressed at how developed and dense the usual “popcorn” buds were. Light penetration from the Pro-Grow 400 is focused enough to allow for blooming taller plants, I still recommend LST or suppercropping to get multiple tops and wider plants.

Blackberry buds grown under a Pro-Grow 400 LED

Penetration from the Pro-Grow 400 produced dense buds from tops to bottom!

Male flowers (hermaphrodite) appear along female buds.

Male flowers appear along female buds, late in bloom (thankfully).

Beyond the male flowers & seeding, my only other issues are I wanted more purple… and that classic “blackberry” aroma, though there is still time in the cure. The cola & bud tips are all a beautiful lavender to purple, but the interior of the buds are a lime green. The aroma is thick and oily with only a hint of sweetness, not berry, but pretty damn fine. The smoke is very rich, a gentle expansion, and the dank, oily aroma on the exhale.

Nirvana Blackberry bud ready for harvest

With some cooler temps, we might have really gone purple!

The wrap-up to this grow and a list of final weights to follow…