Blackberry #3 doing very well in the bloom tent

Week 8 of bloom - Nirvana's Blackberry grown under a Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D.

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Blackberry (Nirvana Seeds)

It is week 8 of bloom, or day 53 for our Blackberry #3 (from Nirvana Seeds). This particular Blackberry phenotype is the nicest I’ve seen yet, and though she smells fruity-sweet AND skunky, I cannot say if it has that classic (but rare) ‘blackberry aroma’.

As each day passes, the blackberry buds look to be near ready to harvest, then suddenly there is a furious burst of white hair clusters budding out atop orange haired clusters, appearing to increase in size every few days.

As harvest approaches, the blackberry colas and buds are swelling on a daily basis.

What I can say though, is that Blackberry is a strain that takes to L.E.D. grow lights, very well. The Pro-Grow 400 has done an amazing job of budding out this stacked but very dense plant. I had concerns early on, but looking at how well-developed the buds are on even the lowest branches, penetration from Hydroponics Hut’s lamp is amazing.

Blackberry does particularly well under L.E.D. grow lights

Even the lowest buds, deep down got plenty of light from the Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. grow light

Blackberry budding under Pro-Grow LEDs

Blackberry colas thriving under LED grow lighting from Hydroponics Hut

I’ve also added additional ventilation, to move air around the tent, as the stature of this Blackberry phenotype is so dense, I worry about bud rot (Botrytis).

Although the Blackberry was put into bloom a week or so after Jock Horror, I suspect they may both finish out around the same week. The first trichomes are beginning to change from clear to cloudy, but with all the new budding, she seems in no rush to ripen.

On the subject of trichomes and resin production, there are times, from certain angles that the leaves & buds almost look ‘wet’.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Blackberry cola nears harvest at week 8.

The Blackberry buds have so many trichomes, the colas & leaves look wet.

I will probably begin the process of flushing her roots this weekend. I’ve also begun using an organic bloom supplement after the flush, that way I can still lightly feed the plant without the need to leech again if she goes another few weeks.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

I have noted the tips of larger buds and the colas are all beginning to go purple. I look at this as a sign of ripening as well, it would be nice to get more purples & reds prior to harvest though.

Bud tips begin to purple as harvest nears

The very tips of the colas and larger buds are transitioning from green to purple