A Sativa phenotype in an Aurora Indica strain.

Aurora Indica #1 - Back at week 2 bloom

Looking forward from day 1, harvest seemed so far away. Just coming out of a minor catastrophe with the near-loss of our Blackberry plants in their prime of bloom and our next generation of seedlings & cuttings getting emaciated, we hastily took what vegging plants we had left; big, little, old young and threw them into bloom under Hydroponics Hut’s new Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light. Now in retrospect, the ease of this “Round 1” garden with the Pro-Grow 400 made it seem the last sixty-some-odd days flew by.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

I should have placed AI #1 center, under the Pro-Grow  more often, but I wanted to see how well plants would bloom from spending their primary time at the sides of the garden. My new ,future set-up theory is to have the taller, lanky plants, up higher on the edges of the tent. Shorter and denser plants are center, under the lamp, but down, half the height lower that the edge plants.

Week 9 Harvest: Aurora Indica #1

Harvest time for Aurora Indica #1

Harvest time for Aurora Indica #1, at week 9 under the Pro-Grow 400.

Aurora Indica #1 - Pro Grow 400 LED

Some thick, gnarly tops and long budded branches

I was surprised by AI #1’s thin fingered leaf structure and lanky branching, though her very high calyx to leaf ratio and heavenly dank aromas scream exotic indica. LST kept her low and wide, with tennis ball sized, gnarly cola tops dotted with ping-pong ball, resin coated buds all dense down to the main stem.

The aroma and smells emanating from AI #1 are intoxicating to say the least. An obvious Northern Light connection is made upon your nostrils being aroused by her dank perfume, but that all gives way to very complex fruit to berry body and a faint hashish finish.

Seeing now, as how there was little “stretch” growth at bloom, I now wish I could have vegged her a few weeks larger, prior to blooming her. But then again, I wouldn’t be harvesting this weekend either… And a bud in the vape is worth two on the bush!

Thick trichome covered nuggets

A wonderful harvest courtesy of our Pro-Grow 400 from Hydroponics Hut

Now that her branches are hanging to dry, I have her main stem with a few intentionally un-pruned popcorn buds, back under 18/6 hoping to coax out some cuttings. As my very first Aurora Indica, though not at all what I expected is a keeper!

Lanky branches, but beautiful resin crusted buds.

Nice dense buds, right down to the main stem.

I am really looking forward to getting some larger, more mature vegged plants under the Pro-Grow 400. Over the last 2 weekends we’ve added Aurora Indica Plant #4, another Sativa-looking, thin leaf phenotype (at 8 weeks from seed) and more recently Aurora Indica #3, a dense and profusely branching mixed hybrid (9 weeks from seed).