Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. Jock Horror and Blackberry buds

Jack and Black!

We’ve come to the finish of “Round #2” with Hydroponics Hut‘s Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light. I really wish I had done a “start to finish” rather than a “perpetual” style grow, as the finish looks so much more dramatic, harvesting all, or nearly all the plants at once, versus a plant or two every few weeks. Though thinking about it, if that’s my only issue, then things went pretty well! But let’s recap, shall we?

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Beginning around Mid February, 2012 till Early May, we began blooming a total of 5 plants under the PG-400.

  • Aurora Indica #4 – Seed, 3 gal soil
  • Aurora Indica #3 – Seed, 3 gal soil
  • Blue Mystic “D” (Yes, another “BMo-D”) – Clone, 3 gal soil, Height: 30 cm.
  • Jock Horror #3 – Seed, Height: 36 cm. (LST’d)
  • Blackberry #3 – Seed, 3 gal soil, Height: 38 cm (LST’d)

Close up of Aurora Indica colas before harvest.

Aurora Indica #4

Aurora Indica #4 finished first at just under 9 weeks at 12/12. After the cure, 2.25 ounces of manicured prime medical grade cannabis was recorded. Her thick, resin coated buds were surprisingly dense and though they did shrink some, they remained very heavy, rock hard, sticky and quite aromatic. Even the uncounted lower buds & trimmings were amazing, though lacking “bag appeal”.


Both Aurora Indica plants stepped it up in terms of yield, while the quality and potency was right on par with our previous crop. Plant #4 is the stand out in terms of being the most potent, #3 had a flavor/aroma combination that was just amazing.

Aurora Indica #3 at early week 6 of bloom.

Aurora Indica #3 had beautiful long, slender colas that are densely packed almost looking like missiles. She was harvested late into week 9 of bloom, although the plan was to let her run another week or two her plan was different, as she began to put out male stamen. Not wanting to risk further potential seeding, #3 was harvested. After curing, 2.0± ounces of thumb sized nuggets was the final call. There was a respectable amount of marble sized buds from the lower and inner branches, all every bit as good at their larger counterparts.

Nirvana Seeds, Straight from the Source!

A dense Blue Mystic, medical marijuana plant.

Blue Mystic “D”

Next to fall to the sticky scissors was our Blue Mystic offspring,  Plant “D”.  At mid-week 8 of budding, all signs pointed to harvest. This phenotype is nearly devoid of any pungent aroma, making it a great closet strain. What she lacks in scent, this plant makes up for in trichomes, as leaves stems and even branches are dotted with sparkling resin glands. Solid, dense buds though when dried were somewhat light to the feel, still managed to pull off just under 3 oz of primo, manicured meds.

The two flagship strains of the grow, are Jock Horror #3 (a genetic Jack Herer strain) and the Nirvana Blackberry #3. Both plants responded to being put into bloom by doubling or in the case of the Jock, tripling in size. In addition to great growth & mass, the bud and cola size was of the larger variety, nearly wrist thick and trichome covered. The Jock eneded up at 3.75 ounces, not counting our stash of smaller pieces used in the pics below. The Blackberry came in at  an impressive 2.5 ounces of primo meds, however a good portion never made it to the scale as they were about 25% seeded. The Blackberry did go hermaphrodite, much more than previously thought. Her cuttings have been removed from the bloom tent & the veg area.

Pro-Grow 400 LED grown Jock Horror Buds

Jock Horror (Jack Herer) Buds, grown under our Pro-Grow 400

Close up Dried & Cured Jock Horror Buds

Close-up, Jock Horror Buds

Close up Dried & Cured Blackberry Buds

Close-up, Blackberry Buds


Grow Weed Easy!

Pro-Grow 400 LED grown Blackberry Buds

Nirvana Blackberry Buds, grown under our Pro-Grow 400

Granted, we began the grow with 6-10 week old seedling & clones, and just ran the bloom under the Pro-Grow 400. From mid-February to early may, we harvested just under 1 pound of what I consider to be the cream of the crop buds & nuggets. And while the vast majority of that, if not all made its way to many a happy patient, the remaining additional ounces of “b” grade (which is still far better than any commercial stuff available) is good & plenty enough to keep me happy for a while.
Some things to keep in mind… I didn’t really stress efficiency with this grow.
  • Better space management – i.e. LST, super cropping, lollypopping, etc.: The art of bending tops and branches, removing lower growth, defoliating to allow more light in can produce larger overall buds and colas.
  • Select “Production” strains: The better producers under LED are subject to opinion, but I find strains like Jock Horror, Northern Light, Durban Poison, Big Bud, PPP tend to excel in terms of production.
  • A more aggressive nutrient schedule: We used Fox Farm’s and Earth Juice’s line of nutrients all at the bare minimum. While some of the plants did show mild deficiencies near the mid to end of bloom, the overall health was acceptable and the plants could have easily been pushed a little harder.

At, or near the one pound mark in under 4 months, I’m pretty content with that. With a little effort and some common sense, I think just about anyone could easily improve on these results.

On a point of comparison, I pulled my notes from a grow I’d done a few seasons back, under my 600 watt HPS. Grown was a Jock Horror of similar characteristics to our recently harvested. Although the HPS plant was about an ounce larger than the Pro-Grow 400 plant (4.5 oz -vs- 3.75 oz), it is important to point out that the Pro-Grow 400 used LESS than HALF of the electricity, about 260 watts against the 600 watts of the HPS.


Needless to say both plants were spectacular! See below…

Jock Horror, Grown under a Pro-Grow 400 LED Grow Light
Jock Horror, Grown under a 600+ watt HPS grow light

Jock Horror – 5 seeds (feminized)»