Beautiful trichome covered buds bloom under a Pro-Grow 400 LED Grow Light

Though coated in trichomes, BMo "D" is nearly scentless, until provoked. The subtle aromatics are reminiscent of pine and dill.

Here are 3 quick snapshots from the Pro-Grow 400 L.E.D. garden, taken late last week.

Blue Mystic “D” is at late week 5 of bloom. Her natural branching structure is low and wide, offering up several tops growing out and upward that are filling in nicely with resin crusted, spear-tipped colas. True to her “blue” heritage, the plant offers little aroma, making it perfect for smaller, stealth grows, where carbon-filtered fans may not be applicable.

Yesterday, Blue Mystic offspring “G” and Aurora Indica #1 (not pictured here) were taken, flushed and fed one final dose of nutrients + enzymes. BMo “G” has about 2 weeks remaining, at most. That will put her bloom at about 9 weeks, though half of her may come down at week 8 (the med jars are getting low).

Medical marijuana strain

Blue Mystic "G" is only a week or two from harvest!

Aurora Indica #2, much to my regret was put into 12/12 a few weeks too soon to really hit an efficient size in bloom. But necessity superseded the luxury of additional veg growth time and we needed plants to bloom.

Strong Indica traits prevail in this phenotype.

Aurora Indica #2 entering the 6th week of budding.

That said and learned, she is looking and smelling simply amazing! Dense, trichome encrusted nuggets, almost looking like candy and smelling of honey & hash. The next “Aurora Indica” generation to be bloomed will be of worthy size.