White Widow Buds, flushed & ready to harvest soon!

Our White Widow #3, took very well to budding under the Pro-Grow 400

With our last two, Round 1 bloomers about ready for harvest, we are re-stocking the Pro-Grow 400 tent with some fresh & ready to bloom plants from the Veg Tent.

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Meanwhile,  White Widow #3 is simply amazing!

Looking good enough to harvest last week (week 8 bloom), we flushed her roots, one last time in preparation of harvesting her in the next 2 weeks. This week, she has sent a last flurry of new white haired clusters, swelling already swollen buds and colas further than I thought possible. So, so glad I already have cuttings from her!

Blue Mystic “D” is blooming into weeks 9-10, we’ve moved her into the dark chamber (a cool, uninterrupted 2 to 3 day dark period, just prior to harvest) for the next 48 – 72 hours, then she’ll be harvested. Pics of “BMo-D” to come soon…

Medical marijuana plants out of vegetation and into bloom.

4 (of six) of the new "Round 2" plants to bloom under the Pro-Grow 400

Blue Mystic cutting goes into 12/12 under a Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light

Another beautiful Blue Mystic specimen...

Our new line-up of plants from seed for the Round 2, Pro-Grow 400 LED grow have all been vegged for a minimum of 6 weeks, and 8 weeks maximum. Clones are all at about 7 – 10 weeks from cutting.

We aren’t quite at the Veg size we’d hoped for a few of the plants (a Blackberry and a White Widow #3 cutting), so we’ll have to add them in a week or so, but everything we’ve started this time, is larger and more matured than our Round 1 starts.

Both Aurora Indicas added over the last 2 weeks (#4 & #3) have quickly begun bloom and are off to a solid budding start.

Aurora Indica #4 – Seed
3 gal soil
Week 8 from seed, Week 2 bloom

Aurora Indica #3 – Seed
Week 8 from seed, Week 1 bloom

Jock Horror a3 – Seed
Week 6 from seed, Week 0 bloom, Height: 36 cm. (LST’d)

Blue Mystic “D” (Yes, another “BMo-D”) – Clone
3 gal soil
Week 10 from cutting, Height: 30 cm., Week 0 bloom

Still in veg, to be transferred to 12/12 in the next 2 weeks:

White Widow #3 (a cut from the currently blooming WW) – Clone
3 gal soil
Week 7 from cutting, Height: 34 cm. (LST’d)

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Blackberry #3 – Seed
3 gal soil
Week 6 from seed, Height 38 cm (LST’d)


Longer veg times for short Indicas allows for bigger blooms!

Aurora Indica #3, put into 12/12 at week 8 from seed.

Nirvana's Jock Horror (Jack Herer) strain fresh out of 18/6 into 12/12

6 week old Jock Horror, ready for Round #2