Hi Everyone,

With just a few weeks remaining for a few of budding, I thought it to be a good time to get up close & personal with the current six.

Aurora Indica #2

Nirvana Seed's - "Aurora Indica"

Though stressed & stunted in its early vegetative growth, AI #2 is an impressive bloomer!

Marijuana buds blooming - Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica #2 displaying its Afghani heritage.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Thus far, the 2 Aurora Indica plants (AI #1, AI #2) in bloom are doing well. Their physical size is about on par with them being set to bloom a few weeks early.

Although AI #1 is the larger of the two, it also displays more physical Sativa traits and stretched considerably more then AI #2, who stayed short & compact. AI #2 is displaying a classic Afghani phenotype with a dank, almost hashy aroma, and top heavy colas.

With anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks of bloom time remaining, I’m hoping she packs on some mass. With any cuttings or similar phenotypes from this strain, I’ll be certain to allow for additional vegetation time to attain size, as they stretch very little in bloom.

Aurora Indica buds in bloom

Beautiful, dense, and trichomed covered, entering 5 weeks of bloom.


Blue Mystic offspring “G”

Nirvana Blue Mystic Phenotype

She'll produce small sticky berry-licious nuggets in less than 8 weeks bloom time.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Trichome coated buds

BMo "G" though no power plant, is a fast & furious bloomer!

We’ve bloomed Blue Mystic “G” in the past, this is probably her last run though, she’s being bloomed out for a second and final time. The qualities she possesses are a fast (though small) bloom cycle of very sticky and flavorful buds. I wanted to mother her for breeding, but her cuttings will not take! Her parents were Blue Mystics hybrid with a Short Rider auto-flower, their ability to auto was VERY hit and miss and the few 2nd generation seeds garnered from them have proved to be an interesting genetic potpourri, both “G” and “D” are from those seeds and though they did not auto, any attempt to do a cutting from plant “G” results in a little rootless branch trying to bloom.

I theorize that if I bumped up the light cycle to 16/8, she’d still bloom and probably attain better size, but for now, we’ll never know.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Blue Mystic buds maturing.

Barely week 5 of bloom and they're looking (and smelling) good!

More to follow!