Thought it would be nice to shed a little natural color of the plants under the Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light. Now if I can only figure out how to focus properly…

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

The rough stats…

2 – Aurora Indicas (Week 5 into 6 bloom)
AI #1 and AI #2 could not be more different, two opposing phenotypes. Both are looking great, though #2 is a bit on the short/compact side, I’ll now know to veg this phenotype a bit longer ad it did not gain the additional growth that #1 did.

2 – Blue Mystic (BM-G week 5 into 6, BM-D week 4)
Again, we have same strain/differing phenotype. BM-G produces a myriad of small bud clusters, though no scale tippers the bud clusters are trichome encrusted,  very berry, and fast to mature (under 7 weeks). BM-D is a little slower to start, but produces thick, trichomed colas and nuggets, with a very mild aroma, a good “quantity” plant, so to speak.

1 – White Widow (Week 4 bloom)
She is really taking her time. Until this week, I was concerned as to her lack of development. Over the last few days though, I am beginning to see trichomes developing and the spikes of white pistils are beginning to thicken up nicely.

1 – Mystery Sativa (Week 9 bloom)
I named her “Bebe”, a mystery seed found in a place no seed should have been. i’m really glad we grew this one. Early clippings show Bebe to be some serious daytime meds. Immediately delivers a euphoric lift as muscles & nerves seem to relax into neutralizing most pain to white noise. I could get no cuttings from her to take. I am planning on leaving a few clusters, repotting her after harvest and putting her at 20/4 lighting, wondering if we can get a second round.

1 – Mystery Indica (Week 0)
This is a cutting from a mother that hermied badly. In wondering if the hermaphroditism was stress or genetic, I’m sure I’ll have an answer in a week or two.


Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

I believe I have the canopy/lamp distance pegged, finally… about 30″ from the median height of the plants. Coverage is solid and growth has perked up a bit, we’ll see if I tinker with it over the coming week… Going from the 600 watt HPS to the Pro-Grow 400, I was very curious as to how “production” would be affected, I already know the quality of meds that can be grown with any of  the lighting from Hydroponics Hut. Judging by the strains previously grown under other lighting sources, I’m content we are “on par” at this point in the grow.