X Marks the spot in our Nirvana Seeds “Eldorado” Garden!!!

Week 9 of bloom and all is well!

Like a Gunshot blast!

Sorry for missing last week’s edition, It was a rough week…

I was gone for a very short stint, I’d pre-watered and set up a drip for the duration I was to be gone. A heat wave settled in on the valley and sadly, when I returned my bigger plants in bloom were wilting…



Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light - Week 9 Bloom

Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light – Eldorado bud top

They watered back to health just fine, but a little rougher for the wear. The leaves got a bit haggard, but the buds & colas are just fine. If anything the aromas of fruity/sandalwood have intensified.

It’s good to note that the Pro-Grow 400X is a very intense lamp. The out put is impressive, though it does put off some residual heat, raising the temp about 8º – 10ºF in the enclosed tent. Simple ait circulation & a small exhaust fan easily diminishes any temperature concerns.

Eldorado buds, Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

Eldorado buds at week 9 under a Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

Eldorado from Nirvana Seeds

Eldorado buds under a Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

The spectra & PAR lighting seem to really be dialed in on this model. The primary focused light area (seen by the eye & where it pegs a normal light meter) is producing fat, dense bud growth. What really gets me is the outer edges that aren’t within the focused (where it looks darker to the eye and doesn’t register much on a normal light meter) the bud growth is less aggressive but is no less dense and developing very well.

Eldorado Sativa Marijuana Strain - Week 9 bloom

Eldorado is Nirvana Seed’s Mexican Sativa Marijuana Strain

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Nirvana Seeds has really got an amazing strain on their hands on their hands, hoe Eldorado isn’r more popular is beyond me. Bud growth on nearly all of out Eldorados has been dense & tight, covered in trichomes with a sweet, pungent aroma. The plants are very forgiving & easy to grow.

Eldorado Sativa Marijuana Strain

Eldorado from Nirvana, a Sativa Marijuana Strain