Eldorado Mexican Sativa, Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

Beginning day 23 of bloom under the Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

Boom-Shaka-La! Hydroponics Hut’s new Pro-Grow 400X has been blooming out Nirvana’s recreation of a Mexican Sativa from the Oaxaca reigon of Mexico, “Eldorado”.

We are entering week 4, or Day 23 of bloom. Stretch has been at a minimal for this strain so far, but she is bushing out immensely. In order to get proper coverage I am forced to pick up a 54″x 54″x “84” tent. The current grow/bloom chamber is fine depth/widthwise, but at just over 5′ tall I need more headspace to raise the lamp as the Eldorado grows up towards the light and to spread the coverage. I am hoping to have it in & moved this weekend, here is to hoping for fast shipping!

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Eldorado Mexican Sativa buds

Young Eldorado Mexican Sativa buds

Eldorado Mexican Sativa buds

Eldorado Mexican Sativa buds at day 23 of bloom

The PG-400X is a far different light than the original Pro-Grow 400, which is still a solid grow light. Light intensity is the obvious contrast to the eye, but it is in the spectra that things again have improved.

6 medical marijuana plants bloom beneath the Pro Grow 400 LED grow light

The original Pro-Grow 400

Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

The new Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

Grow Weed Easy!

As stellar as the original Pro-Grow line is, the new “X” models seem to have stepped up overall quality of materials and finish. The cooling fans run near silent in a typical grow room and this 400X unit runs noticeably cooler than the Pro-Grow 550 did.

Eldorado Mexican Sativa buds

Eldorado Mexican Sativa buds fatten up beginning week 4 of bloom…

Pro-Grow 400X LED, Eldorado Mexican Sativa

Eldorado Mexican Sativa buds bloom under LEDs

I am continually impressed by the advancements made in LED grow lights. With improves spectra and utilizing X-Lenses for focus & fine-tuning of the lamp’s spread & intensity this Pro-Grow 400X is looking on par to meet or possibly exceed what the Pro-Grow 550 could do.

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