Jars of Medical Marijuana (Critical+ Sensi Star buds)

While stored in jars, these buds will get daily “burpings” until they’re properly cured.

Last weekend I did a first cut of the lowest branches on the Afghan Kush, along with harvesting the Critical Sensi Star, but it is taking a bit longer to dry than anticipated. This past weekend the last branch of the Afghan Kush has been cut, the buds trimmed and the tops are now hanging to dry.

The Critical Sensi Star which dried perfectly, was cleaned up a bit today, weighed and then put into curing jars.  At the weighing, I was the pleasantly surprised with the total – 167 grams of trimmed bud total, or 5.8oz!

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Afghan Kush - Pro-Grow 550

Lower limbs cut early from the Afghan Kush  ready to trim & dry

Critical Sensi Star Harvest

Lower buds being harvested from the Critical Sensi Star

LED grown Critical+ Sensi Star buds

Critical+ Sensi Star buds, grown under a Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light

The Critical Sensi Star phenotype we got is a pleasure to grow. Despite some issues I had during the bloom portion of the grow with both plants, this plant produced nearly 6 ounces of prime buds in an approximately a 2.5″x 4″ space (shared, .

During the veg stages the Critical Sensi just needed space & regular feedings. The intricate branching pattern allows this plant to do well in a confined space as well as an open area.

Both the horizontal & vertical branching growth is impressive during veg & early bloom. This particular Critical Sensi Star seemed to double in size from once the lights went 12/12 to bloom, probably a 30-40% size increase during the bloom transition.

Sweet & sticky! The copious trichomes glisten and stick to anything handling them.

Sweet & sticky! The copious trichomes glisten and stick to anything handling them.

The Pro-Grow 550 and Critical Sensi Star were obviously a good combination. Hydroponics Hut provides a wide range of LED grow lights to accommodate almost any budget & grow style and the PG-550 is no exception.

This comes really close to the finest Sensi Star with a sweet-citrusy aroma and taste on the palate, there is a bit of a diesel or oily under tone to it too, Critical I assume?.

The effects are no less wonderful, an uplifting sense of well-being, makes some people very chatty & talkative. It does affect the head somewhat with bursts of creativity, deep thinking and more…

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