I’ll be honest, I play favorites!

At 7 weeks from seed, Northern Light Autoflower #3 (NLA #3) has stolen my heart with explosive vegetative growth (over 3ft. tall, but LST’d), and her colorful and sticky tops.

Autoflower marijuana - Northern Light Auto

Day 29 of flowering and only 7 weeks from seed

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

We have anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks remaining of flowering time ( 7 to 9 weeks is the usual bloom for these, according to Nirvana Seeds »), so I’ll be pushing them over the next two to get “maximum buddage”!

Nirvana Seeds Northern Light Autoflower

Over the past 3 days, all sorts of colors & trichomes have been coming in.

I have also put all my eggs into one basket, by switching to a dry-mix organic nutrient base. No more mixing nutrients on a near daily basis will save a great deal of time, but most importantly, the goal is to have more AND better quality meds.

With the intensity of usable light from the Pro Grow 260, I’m hoping the addition of Mycorrhizae and Humic acids will boost the roots nutrient uptake, allowing the buds to take full advantage of the LED grow lights.

Bonus Round!

Since I still have a Pro-Grow 180 that a good friend let me use, I decided to do a non-scientific test (no lab coats, safety goggles or clipboards). I took 2 clones that are about 3-4 weeks apart in the bloom cycle, the first was vegged under the Pro-Grow, and set to 12/12 under the 600w HPS. The second cutting was started a little later (and smaller to accommodate limited grow space) but vegged and flowered under the Pro-Grow LED grow light.

LED grow light experiment

JH #1 Clone - Week 4 of flowering, and I'm convinced, LEDs produce more trichomes & color.

The LED bloomed JH #1 above, the HPS bloomed JH #1 below.
I wouldn’t throw either of them out of bed for eating crackers!

Jock Horror #1

JH #1 - week 7 bloom, just as sweet, just not as sticky or colorful.

Same nutrients, same Fox Farm soil. Key differences being JH #1 (the HPS) is in a 3 gallon smart-pot, and JH #1 Clone (LED) is in a 2 gallon plastic container.