Grow Light Intensity Redefined!

Weeks 1-9 veg

  • Lighting: Pro Grow 260 MOD, weeks 1 – 7 and Pro Grow LED PGX5-600 weeks 8 – 9 @ 18 hours on, 6 hours off, Veg Spectra only.
  • Soil: 50/50 mix Fox Farm Ocean Forest & Happy Frog
  • Additions: 1Tbsp Dolomite lime per 2 gallons of soil mix, 1Tbsp Earth Juice Rainbow Mix – Bloom per gallon of soil
  • Nutrients: Fox Farm Grow Big – Veg (2x a week at 50% strength), Fox Farm Tiger Bloom – Bloom (most likely)
  • Ave temps day 75ºF – 40% RH, 60ºF nights – 60% RH


  • Nirvana’s Jock Horror
  • Nirvana’s Kaya Gold
  • Afghan Kush
  • El Alquimista (Samsara) – A first grow for me.

Life happens…

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Pro Grow LED PGX5-600

The plants have been moved under the Pro Grow LED PGX5-600

I’d originally wanted to go from day 1 under the Pro Grow LED PGX5-600. But as things turn out I had to juggle tents and grow spaces, nothing new there, but as luck would have it, I was able to cut the Afghan Kush and Nirvana Eldorado about a week and 2 weeks early, respectively. The “accelerator” chip on the Pro Grow LED PGX5-600 really seems to kick trichome production to maturity, right quick!

Indoor garden - Pro Grow LED PGX5-600

A bug’s eye view of the garden under the Pro Grow LED PGX5-600

Pro Grow LED PGX5-600

Distance of the Pro Grow LED PGX5-600 to the canopy

Even running Veg spectra only, I’ve kept the maximum distance between the Pro Grow LED PGX5-600 and the canopy. With the lamp at nearly the top of the tent, there is about 3ft or so between the two.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Pro Grow LED PGX5-600

Pro Grow LED PGX5-600 brought out eager growth in the first day.

The additional intensity over the Pro Grow 260 MOD (which is a fantastic lamp for its output, mind you) was easily seen. By the next day the plants had a “perk” and within the first week under the Pro Grow LED PGX5-600, vegetative growth boomed!

Pro Grow LED PGX5-600

Pro Grow LED PGX5-600 from Hydroponics Hut. Accept no substitutes!

Check back soon! Once roots get established in the new pots, we’re going dual-spectra and into bloom!