I ran this as a “just the basics grow”, no extra nutrients or supplements, no thinning or defoliation with only minimal lollipopping (removal or lower growth that is obviously not getting enough light), nothing more beyond basic LST and bending in mid/late veg. This was what I’d consider to be an “average” grow in the hands of just about anyone.

I had a few issues here & there but nothing detrimental. Space was the main item, as the plants grew exceptionally well under the Pro-Grow X5, with 3 plants it was a bit too much of a jungle. Two plants the size of out Bubblelicious or one large plant would have had better production efficiency in the space.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

The White Widow

White Widow Cola, Week 8 Bloom

White Widow

With the Widow, I was a little disappointed with the end results. I feel it was more a genetic issue as I’ve not had a standout phenotype from that batch, come to think of it, I don’t know why I kept her cuttings around as long as I did.

Widow was also kept to the edge of the garden area for the most part, and though the 4 – 5 top inches of most of her colas were solid. much of her inner & lower buds dried & finished airy and weren’t counted in the combined total below.

Dried & cured White Widow

All that remains… A few White Widow pieces saved..

The Widow was grown for a fellow patient who wanted to do a hands on harvest. That said, I didn’t get photos at their request.

Though I wasn’t happy with this phenotype the White Widow buds that did finish nicely however, and had serious “bag appeal”. Well, jar appeal anyway and most importantly were well received by the patient.

The Bubblelicious Duo

Bubblelicious buds grown under a Pro-Grow X5 LED

A bounty of buds from Bubblelicious #2

A jar of cured medical marijuana

Cured Bubblelicious buds ‘sparkle’ from within the jar

Both Bubblelicious produced well. After manicuring, the smaller-mid sized pieces were added back to the larger group & reweighed, it is safe to say, within a 1m x 1m space, with basic grow methodologies & a good strain, the X5 can grow & bloom a legit 1/2lb. in 90 – 120 days.

I do believe based on a harvest weight per square foot, this is the best results I’ve done in any similar space with any lighting. For those into grams per watt, this was roughly .8 grams per watt.

Grow Weed Easy!

The dried weights

Ounces Grams
Tops & Colas
2.5 71
2.1 60
1.9 54
6.5oz total 185g total

Medium Buds & Nuggets (trichomed & compact nugs only)
1.3 37
1.5 42
0 0
2.8 79
9.3oz (both combined) 264g (both combined)
0.3 8
0.4 10
0.7 20
1.4 total 38 total

In retrospect

Bud nugget from a dense cola

A sweet Bubblelicious nugget…

The X5 is in an interesting class, while more intense than the PG-400 (and a higher price tag), it has a smaller more focused coverage area. I believe in a fixed space, say 40″ x 30″, with 1 large or 2 med plants maximum, done in a SOG style would be killer. Keeping the Pro-Grow X5 lamp at the maximum effective ‘distance to footprint’ in budding is key to this one, as the light intensity straight down is solid, but the edges beyond the main footprint fades quickly.

If you have a fixed space, anywhere from 9 to 14 square feet (3×3 to 3.75×3) and cannot take advantage of the larger coverage area of the Pro-Grow 400, the Pro-Grow X5 will be the best for a more intense but smaller area.

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

As mentioned previous, the 3 plants at the size we bloomed worked out overall, but the outer edges didn’t quite get the same light intensity. Outer lower branches after drying were a little airy, but within the “prime light zone” budding was thick & deep. With a more finite area and consistent top heights, lollipopping the outer branches to produce 3″-4″ tall buds on the edges, and letting the inner branches bud all the way down, one could easily produce colas every 4 square inches, 8 – 10″ tall in the deepest part of the sea, tapering out to the 3″-4″ lollipopped edges.

Hindsight is so clear at the end of the grow on what “could have” improved results.