Nirvana White Widow at Harvest

Our White Widow is a little on the rough side, but prime for harvest,

Earlier in the week the White Widow was cut. Once I got her out of the tent, I realized how haggard she had become over over that last week and a half. I need to keep a better eye on my plants with more frequent inspections, especially late in the bloom cycle. A little more attention to detail will prevent much heartache & frustration in the long run… (Self-pity rant complete).

I made the decision only to count the harvested tops, I want to do a little screen hash project with the lower buds in the near future.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

White Widow at harvest

This was about the median cola size on this White Widow cut.

Nirvana Bubblicious at harvest

Bubblelicious #1 – Week 9-10, Harvest time!

A few days later (this past Sunday), it was the Bubblelicious’ turn for harvest. Beyond some weird foxtailing tips, this crop of Bubblelicious like others before it, did not disappoint! The Pro-Grow X5 allowed the plants to produce fat, long, trichome coated colas as always and without doing much different from previous Bubblelicious grows, the buds look “lush”!

Bubblelicious Cola ready for harvest

With better branch/stem training & good reflective sidewalls, yield could be improved by 20%

Nirvana's Bubblelicious at Harvest

I think now that I have the range of the Pro-Grow X5 dialed in, the future looks fat, sweet & sticky!!!

Previously it was noted that this Bubblelicious phenotype does not have the coveted “Pink Bubblegum” trait, but this batch is the sweetest smelling of any harvested. I look forward to an “after curing” tasting.

I think had I trained the plants for more tops & vertical growth, rather than lateral, overall budding would have been improved.

But I’m not complaining…

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Prime cuts from Bubblelicious #1

Bubblelicious #1 – Tops Only


Bubblelicious #1 – Tops

Bubblelicious #1 after harvesting the tops

Bubblelicious #1 – The remains

LED grown Nirvana Bubblelicious

Bubblelicious #2 – Week 9-10, Harvest time!

Lastly but not leastly (yes, I made up a word) Bubblelicious #2, which was perhaps the best looking of the budded trio, but in a few days the dried weights will tell the story.

It is interesting how cuttings from the same plant can still have slight variations from one another. Plant #1 just seemed to really take well to the grow and stand out as the nicest.

Bubblelicious Buds covered in Trichomes

The Pro-Grow X5 was able to get ample light down where it counted!

Overall, for very little effort (on my part anyway, good nutrients with Nirvana’s genetics and Hydroponics Hut’s LEDs did all the heavy lifting) I am content. I will wait to see how our “Top” harvest weighs in before becoming too emotionally vested. Oops, too late! 😉

Marijuana strain: Bubblelicious

Bubblelicious #2 – Harvest

Top Buds only

Bubblelicious #2 – Tops Only

LED grown Bubblelicious Buds after harvest

Bubblelicious #2 – Tops

I’d say by late this week, we should be ready to weigh then settle in for a period of jar curing… See ya soon!