From pottery to pot – that could be the direction the Spanish municipality of Rasquera takes if the nonprofit Asociacion Barcelonesa Cannabica de Autoconsumo (Barcelona Association of Cannabis Self-Medication), or ABCDA, has its way. ABCDA offered Rasquera’s town hall an initial payment of 36,000 Euros ($48,000 U.S.) to permit them to hire workers and jumpstart the local economy by growing marijuana on government property. Rasquera is currently 1.3 million euros in debt. Under the proposal, the town would receive 550,000 Euros annually ($737,000 U.S.) to cover the costs of land rental and providing security.  

The sparsely populated Rasquera lies in the shadow of the Serra de Cardo mountain range and to this point is primarily known for the pottery it produces. An instant moneymaker like marijuana is potentially appealing to local officials. The legality of whether or not this project can be implemented is the biggest hurdle.

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While medical marijuana has been legalized in Spain’s officially designated “autonomous community” of Catalonia, which includes Rasquera, the chief investigator for the Catalan police told El Periodico that cultivating cannabis is strictly illegal under the penal code. Via a translation provided by The Huffington Post of an interview from Spanish news agency EFE, it was reported that Rasquera mayor Bernat Pellisa said that his government is in the process of studying ABCDA’s proposal, which they see as an “opportunity” – provided it could be implemented legally.

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